Why are raw mangoes pickled? Read This

Posted on February 19th, 2021 06:33 PM
Raw Mango Pickle

Mango, considered the ‘king’ of fruits, is available only in the summers. Yet, we relish this seasonal wonder throughout the year, in the form of mango pickles, murabba, and sweet pickles

Did you know that pickles, as we know them, were not an Indian invention? They came to us through international merchants years ago. Initially, they were used to preserve perishable fruits to be had throughout the year. Gradually they were introduced as an accompaniment to our meals. Nowadays, we are so used to having pickles we cannot think of any meals without them. With all the types of pickles available in the market today, the most common one would be Raw Mango Pickle or Aam ka Achar

In this article, we will see why raw mangoes are considered healthy. Then we’ll see the different types of sweet and sour raw mango pickles that are relished across India.

Health Benefits of Raw Mangoes

  • Helps fight acidity: With our habit of having spicy junk food regularly, we can contract acidity if we have too much of it. Raw mango in our pickles can help us to fight this without using any prescription medications.

  • Cures stomach and digestion issues: The intense summer heat urges us to drink more water. This sometimes results in stomach upsets. Having raw mango pickle can help to heal chronic stomach issues like indigestion, dysentery, piles, and diarrhoea. Raw mango pickle or Kachha Aam ka Achar can help to ease digestion woes, cleanse the intestines and relieve the body from constipation.

  • Help treat blood disorders: Raw Mango’s high Vitamin C content helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels while also helping the body to produce more blood cells. Besides this, it also helps the body boost its resistance against cholera and TB.

  • Helps in maintaining dental hygiene: Having raw or green mango pickle can help prevent gum bleeding, stop bad breath and fight tooth decay.

  • Helps the body boost its immunity: Raw mangoes, in the form of pickles or other food, helps strengthen the body against the threat of attacks and infections. It helps you stay younger and healthier.

  • Help keep the liver healthy: A healthy liver is key to our overall health. Instead of taking expensive pills and treatments, you can have raw mango as a side-effect-free and natural remedy for treating liver ailments. When you chew on a piece of raw mango, its juice helps to clean the intestine of bacterial infection.

  • Helps enhance vision: Along with Vitamin A, raw mango contains flavonoids like beta-cryptoxanthin, alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene. These compounds help maintain and improve vision.

Types of Mango Pickles

An indispensable part of our cuisine, Aam ka Achar is relished with almost all of our meals. Of course, there are various variations to mango pickles across the country. This is due to the use of various types of mangoes and spices to suit local tastes.

Earlier, traditional Indian mango pickles were home-made, in large ceramic jars which were kept on the terrace. The pickle was used as and when required.

With time and space at a premium, these achars are purchased as and when required. Let us see some of the types of mango pickles (both sweet and sour).

  • The good old Aam ka Achar: This is made primarily with three ingredients- raw mangoes, oil, and spices. It is probably present in every Indian kitchen, irrespective of any classifications. Mango Achar is not only an accompaniment but is also seen as a replacement for a curry. It has a high shelf life and is readily available everywhere.

  • Sweet Mango Pickle: Consisting of raw mango, sugar, and spices, this is a great accompaniment to various foods. Its sweet, sour and tangy flavour is what makes it a popular condiment. People who have it at home usually try to find a similar pickle in the supermarket aisle. Sometimes the sweet mango pickle isn’t easily available everywhere. Getting hold of this can be a great find.

  • Katki Pickle: A sweet and sour Gujarati pickle, this is made by cooking raw mangoes with jaggery and spices. This pickle can be had for any meal, being popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Though some people haven’t heard of Katki pickle before, the popularity of this Indian Mango Pickle is increasing across the world with the help of the Gujarati community.

  • Chhundo Pickle: A sweet mango pickle, this one is relished as an accompaniment with all meals. Sometimes called a 'jam', Chhundo consists of dry mango, sugar, turmeric, jeera, and red chilli powder.

  • Mango Murabba: Loosely translated to Mango Marmalade, this is a type of sweet pickle that people have for breakfast. Usually, murabba are made with mangoes, sugar syrup, and some other ingredients like saffron, cardamom seeds, and blanched almonds. These jam-like spreads are extremely popular in Gujarat and North India.

In a nutshell
For ages, our ancestors have pickled fruits and vegetables to have them during the off-season. As far as mangoes are concerned, they come in various sweet and sour pickles based on local tastes. These Achars, murabba, and Chunndo pickles are not only tasty but also very healthy, considering the various health benefits of raw mangoes. Achars are not just an accompaniment with our meals but are also had with our rotis and other bread. Raw mango pickles regularly should be regularly taken for the best results.


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