Essential Body Cream

Why is body cream essential?

Posted on: February 28th, 2022 01:14 PM

A body cream is one of the types of moisturiser curated for the skin. People have different skin types, which is why they have different requirements when it comes to skincare.

The requirements also differ when seasons change. Plus, only one type of moisturiser for the whole body is not enough.

While your face needs a light and non-sticky moisturiser, your feet and hands need a thicker cream that provides long-lasting moisture.

The body cream has a thicker consistency and locks in moisture in the skin for a long time. It is formulated in a different way from face moisturisers and body lotions.

It is important to know how body cream is different, why you need it if you already have body lotion, and what benefits it provides. Only after a thorough understanding, will you be able to form a decision.

Why are body lotion and body cream two different products?

Those who are not well-versed with skin products can get confused about why body lotion and body cream are two different products.

It is important to understand that different parts of the body need different levels of nourishment and moisture. Our face is sensitive and can get greasy/oily more easily. While our hands, feet, and elbows are drier and need a thick layer of moisture.

Hence, to cater to the need for different consistency in moisture, there are two products, namely body lotion and body cream.

Body lotion has a runny consistency. It gets quickly absorbed in the skin and it is not that sticky. The lotion is suitable for dry, normal and combination skin types.

The body cream is thicker than the body lotion. It keeps your skin moisturised for a longer time. The cream can be used on the driest parts of your body, especially in the winter season.

How to choose a body cream?

There are many variants of body cream available in the market. You should choose the one that suits your skin, provides sufficient moisture, nourishes your skin, and smells nice.

Another important thing to check while you go on to choose a body cream is the ingredient list. Make sure to buy a product that does not have toxic substances like parabens, sulphate or mineral oil. These ingredients may irritate your skin and harm your skin health. So, always try to choose a paraben-free and sulphate-free product. It is an added benefit if the body cream is cruelty-free and vegan.

A few of the popular variations of body cream and their benefits are mentioned below so that you can decide for yourself.

Almond Body Cream:

Almonds replenish the lost moisture in the skin. Along with that they also help to nourish the skin. Almond Body Cream has a pleasing nutty fragrance and a smooth texture.

Lavender Body Cream:

Lavender body cream gives a floral touch to the moisturiser. The thick layer of body cream with the mystic fragrance of lavender works wonders.

Rose Body Cream:

Rose body cream is one of the most popular variants of body cream. The fragrance of fresh rose is delightful, to say the least. Also, the body cream performs its function by providing the utmost moisture to the skin.

Vanilla Body Cream:

Vanilla body cream provides long-lasting hydration and moisture to the skin. It takes care of dry and dull skin and keeps it healthy. The vanilla body cream also adds a nourished glow to the skin.

Summing it up.

The body cream is an important skincare product that helps to replenish the moisture in your skin. If you are someone whose skin gets dry quickly and way too often, then you should try body cream. You can even browse different variants of body cream online.


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