Why is body lotion an essential skincare component?

Posted on December 1st, 2021 01:14 PM
Refresh Body Lotion

Winter is here. Even though these cold days might be your favourite, they bring many issues for your skin. Some of the common winter problems are super dry skin, flaky skin, cracks in heels, chapped lips and many others. If such issues aren’t taken care of initially, they can turn into a serious matter to deal with. Using Body Lotion is one of the easy and inexpensive ways to pamper your skin. Body Lotion is a necessary after-bath ritual that shouldn’t be missed. 

Body lotions are available for both men and women. Regular users of Body lotion won’t deny the fact that they are a great choice for healthy skin. They are available in different flavours and each of those has its own special quality and aroma. Some of the best Body lotions in India for healthy skin are Lavender, Rose, Vanilla, Lemon and Shea Butter, Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil. These flavours are packed with skin-nourishing properties of efficient ingredients.

Benefits of Body Lotion:

1. Hydrates the skin:
Our skin tends to become dry due to several reasons. Be it pollution, an unsuitable climate, excessive cold/heat, or sensitive skin type, many factors reduce moisture in the skin. Skin tends to become drier especially after a shower. The drier the skin is, the more irritation it can cause. 

Regular application of a quality Body Lotion helps in locking the moisture in. It also increases hydration levels in the skin and enhances skin quality. It makes skin healthy and soft. 

2. Heals the rough spots:
Every skin type, be it dry, oily or sensitive, is prone to some rough spots. Such spots mostly appear on knees, elbows and on the sole of our feet. They occur mainly due to a lack of moisture.

Applying Body lotion regularly provides required hydration and moisturization that rough spots need. It makes rough patches soft and supple.

3. Soothes skin irritation:
Dry skin causes skin irritation and itchiness. Continuous itching can lead to scratches on your skin which is both unhealthy and unsightly.

As the use of Body lotion softens the skin, it reduces skin irritation and itchiness and thus minimizes the chances of scratches.

4. Soothing Fragrance:
With beautiful fragrances, Body lotions can soothe your nerves. From mild to strong, they are available in many scents to choose from. Whether you love the beautiful floral smell of lavender/rose,  creamy scent of Vanilla/Almond and Shea butter or refreshing aroma of lemongrass and Tea tree, you can pick your favourite scent according to your likings and personality. There is a wide range of fragrances and each of them is so delightful to smell. 

If you want to smell nice but want to avoid strong perfumes, Body lotions can add a good and light smell to your body.

5. Gives you glowing skin:
Body Lotion moisturizes and hydrates dry skin, making it soft and healthy which gives your skin a shiny glow. Using Body lotion regularly rejuvenates underlying tissues and removes dead skin.

Summing it up:
Body Lotion is most beneficial when it is applied on after-bath damp skin and on winter dry skin. Its creamy texture fills the skin with required moisture and the soothing smell adds a beautiful fragrance to your skin. The benefits of Body lotion should be a crucial part of your skincare regimen. While choosing amongst many options, be sure that you purchase the best Body lotion in terms of quality and your needs.


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