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Do proper home care products really help?

Posted on: October 6th, 2021 06:14 PM

When you start to live on your own, you realise how difficult it is to keep your house clean, neat and organised ALL THE TIME. 

Chores just keep on piling and you never seem to finish them all. If you get stressed out by home cleaning as well, then this is for you.
Home care is essential and there is no escape from it. To make your life a little bit easier, we have divided the chores based on how frequently you need to perform them.

Here’s a list of daily and weekly home cleaning activities.


There are some cleaning activities that you need to do daily. These household chores are very basic and need to be followed to keep your house neat and clean.  Just an hour or two from your daily schedule and you will be able to manage all these activities easily. 

Dusting and mopping the floors:

Dusting is the most basic and necessary chore. It helps to clean all the dust, residue and waste that piles up in the entire day. After dusting, comes mopping. These two activities usually go together. It is important to mop the floors after dusting to clean the remaining dirt, grime etc. so that your floors get squeaky clean. Dusting and mopping are everyday home cleaning activities. It is crucial to get the best home care products so that you can do these chores effectively. 

Washing the dishes:

We use utensils/dishes for making/eating our meals every day. So it’s natural that washing the dishes is an everyday chore. As we need the dishes every day, we need to clean them every day as well. Plus, it can prove to be very unhygienic if you delay doing your dishes for even one night. One should get a strong dish wash gel as home care products play an important role in cleaning. An effective dish wash gel will clean even the most rigid stains and grime. 

Finish your laundry:

We live in a tropical country where the weather is hot and humid most of the time. Our clothes get dirty/sweaty more often which is why doing laundry every day or every other day is important. Just like us, our clothes attract bacteria and germs. Sometimes, they even get stains and dirt on them. A good detergent makes sure that the clothes get clean while retaining their texture and colour. Laundry detergent or liquid detergent is one of the most important home care products you can buy, so choose it wisely. 

Clean mirrors and glasses:

Mirrors and glass surfaces are transparent so dirt and stains are easily visible on them. That’s the reason why they need to be cleaned every day with precision. One should use a soft cloth while cleaning to avoid scratches on the glass. If you get a specialised home care cleaning product to clean glass surfaces and mirrors then it’s better because this is a delicate material. Glass cleaners are designed specially to fulfil their purpose. They clean glass surfaces/mirrors efficiently without leaving any cloth residue as well. 



Let’s move on to see the cleaning activities that you need to do weekly to manage your home cleaning activities. Schedule all the below mentioned activities once a week. Pick one day for each activity and you will be able to manage the chores quite well. 

Clean toilet/bathroom:

Your bathroom/toilet should be tidy to avoid diseases and illnesses. It is a place where utmost hygiene is required. Weekly cleaning your toilet/bathroom is very important to maintain hygiene. Bathrooms attract the most dirt and stains so they are the most difficult places to clean. Getting specialised bathroom and toilet cleaners help to get rid of germs and clean off the most rigid stains. 

Dust and sanitize furniture fabric:

Furniture fabrics catch more dirt and dust than visible. It is important to clean them at regular intervals. You don’t need to clean your fabrics daily, that would be quite tedious. Once a week you can clean the fabrics and maintain the neatness at your home. Use a cleaner that doesn’t damage the texture and colour of the fabric. 

Clean and disinfect surfaces:

Even if you clean your house regularly, it is not safe until it is disinfected. We cannot see bacteria/viruses and the only way to kill/prevent them is by disinfecting your home. All the surfaces at your home should be disinfected properly. This should be done weekly to maintain the good health of your family. A strong and efficient disinfecting liquid should be used to disinfect your home. 

Summing it up

Managing your time and cleaning your home effectively is very important. While some products just prolong the deed and fail to give better results, there are products designed for specific chores that help perform the job quite easily.


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