Easy Ways of Using Readymade Achar Masala

Posted on July 12th, 2021 04:32 PM
Achaar Ka Masala

Those who are brought up eating “Ghar ka achar” know that it hits differently. No matter how delicious packed pickles are, the satisfaction of homemade pickles is unbeatable. People still make pickles at home but with a lot less hassle. Instead of making the masala at home, they get ready-made achar masala and then mix the other ingredients and oil with it. This way, one can still enjoy homemade pickles without investing much time and effort in making them. Also, it certainly helps to make the achar in bulk and use it year-round. This blog will let you know how to use achar masala not just for pickles but many other things.

Use of Achar Masala:

  • Ingredients of Achar masala: Achar masala is the base ingredient for a variety of pickles in India. With achar masala, the process of homemade pickles becomes easy and convenient. The main ingredients of achar masala are red chilly powder, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, and oil. The reason why it is so fiery and hot is because of red chilli powder. Achar masala is mainly made up of red chilli powder because its main purpose is to add spice. The achar masala has a strong aroma and flavour because of the fenugreek and mustard seeds. They are dry roasted to bring out the strong element of flavour. 

  • Pickles made with Achar Masala: Two of the most popular pickles that are widely enjoyed are Spicy mango pickles and mixed pickles. Both of these pickles are spicy, tangy, and delicious. Indians like to make these pickles at home to devour fresh fruits mixed in authentic oil and spices. Achar masala is mainly used to make these two pickles at home.

  • Spicy mango pickle: This is a hot and spicy pickle that can elevate any boring meal. This is a standard pickle used in every home of India. It is a condiment that is served with meals and snacks irrespective of any season. The main ingredients required to make this mango pickle are sliced pieces of mangoes, achar masala, and oil.

  • Mixed pickles: This is another variety of pickles that Indians love. In addition to mango, this pickle has other ingredients like carrot, lime, green chilly, gumberry etc. The addition of these ingredients brings a blend of different textures and tastes that is thoroughly enjoyed. Apart from that, you would need achar masala and oil to make this mixed pickle at home.

  • Achar masala and other things: Achar masala is not only used to make pickles at home. In fact, it has various other uses. It is a blend of spices that can be used in several Indian dishes and recipes. Achar masala, also known as sambhar masala can be enjoyed alone with naan/paratha or used as an ingredient to make chutneys/curries.

Popular uses of achar masala:

  • Achari Sabzi: Achar masala can also be used as an ingredient in sabzis. Indians love spicy food and what better ingredient to spice up regular sabzi than achar masala. This fiery masala can go amazingly well with aloo ki sabzi or bhindi ki sabzi.

  • Hot and Spicy rice: Rice is the staple food of India and the main ingredient in many recipes. Dishes like biryani and pulao are full of spicy and dominating flavours. Adding a pinch of achar masala can add extra fire to the delicious rice recipes.

  • Chutneys and spreads: We Indians love to add our desi effect in whatever we eat. Chutneys and spreads made with native and authentic ingredients are simply delicious. You can add achar masala to homemade chutneys and spreads to make them hot and fiery.

  • The stuffing masala: Be it in naan, chillies, or vegetables, we love stuffed and roasted dishes. To add an element of spice to bland parathas, you can stuff it with achar masala and other spices to make it delicious. This way, you can eat these masala Rotis even without the sabzi.

Summing it up
If you have made up your mind to make achar aka pickle at home, then make sure that you are getting premium quality ingredients. Good quality ingredients will enhance the taste of the pickle and ensure its long life. For achar masala, you can get premium-quality achar masala online.


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