Ayurvedic Powder For Skin Health

Get Glowing and healthy-looking skin with Ayurvedic Powder

Posted on: July 8th, 2021 12:35 PM

Each and every trick that our grandmas suggest can be linked back to Ayurveda. It is an ancient science cherished and practised by Indians till this day because it provides natural and effective solutions to every problem that we face when it comes to our bodies. Be it health, skin or hair, Ayurveda has every answer.

The benefits of Ayurveda for skin are coming to light again because more and more people want to abandon cheap drug store products made with nothing but chemicals. Pure and natural skincare is back in the game and we are here to help you up to your skincare regime. We have listed down how and which Ayurvedic powders will help you attain glowing, healthy and clear looking skin.

  • Skin Brightening:- Healthy skin looks clear, bright and hydrated. If you don’t think your skin looks like that, it means you have damaged skin that needs care. Skin brightening is not just about lightening the complexion but also improving the overall health of your skin. Your skin will look clear and bright if it is getting proper nourishment. Ayurvedic powders like rose powder and hibiscus powder brightens your skin from the very first use. Using these powders will give your face a refreshing and glowing look.

  • Tan Removal:- People with skin of colour need to beware of the harmful UV rays. Spending too much time in the sun without the protection of a potent sunscreen can lead to a list of problems like tanning, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, melasma etc. If you are searching for a weekly DIY face mask for tan removal, then you should opt for Ayurvedic powders. They are natural, chemical-free and effective. Multani mitti and lemon powder are two of the most effective natural powders for tan removal. They gently exfoliate the skin to remove the dead cells and give you fresh glowing skin. 

  • Tackling Hyperpigmentation:- Dark patches and uneven skin tone is another skin problem that many of us want to get rid of. Your skin is said to be hyper-pigmented when the patches of your skin are darker in colour than your normal skin. Several skin brightening creams damage your skin further instead of solving the specific issue. That’s why it is important to treat your skin with natural and non-harmful products. Ayurvedic powders like Aloe Vera powder and tulsi powder treat hyperpigmentation naturally and bring back the healthy look of your skin. 

  • Anti-ageing benefits:- As you age, your skin starts to show ageing symptoms. Fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging make your face look old and tired. To sustain young and healthy-looking skin, you need to treat it with nutrition that most commercial products don’t offer. Ayurvedic powders are made of herbs that provide plant-based nutrition to nourish your skin. Neem powder and Brahmi powder contain anti-ageing properties that fight free radicals that damage your skin. Regularly using these powders will help you prevent skin ageing problems.

  • Glowing and hydrated skin:- Dull and tired-looking skin is a common problem but one that needs proper attention. The UV rays and pollution damage your skin, making it look dull. One of the natural ways to get glowing and plump skin is to integrate Ayurvedic powder face masks into your skincare routine. Amla powder and orange peel powder are two of the most effective natural powders to get glowing skin. Both of them contain Vitamin C and antioxidants that help provide glow and hydration.

Summing it up 
No chemical in this world can beat the power of natural nourishment. Sooner or later you will end up with side effects that will just deteriorate the health of your skin. To undo the damage done to your skin from deep within and attain long term results, give your skin a chemical-free regime. Use Ayurvedic and natural powders to solve specific skin problems as well as to attain overall healthy skin.


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