How beneficial Incense sticks are for you?

Posted on October 12th, 2021 11:52 AM
The Smoke of Agarbatti

In Indian culture, Incense sticks hold a prominent place in religious as well as non-religious practices. They are mostly lighted during worshipping hours to spread the positivity and pleasant aroma in the surroundings.  It’s an age-old air purifier that is made with all plant-based natural components. Also known as Incense sticks, they can provide you a magical experience of an aromatic delight. 

The scent of Incense sticks (Agarbatti) can vary upon the component used. For this reason, there are many different fragrances. A few of the famous varieties of incense sticks are rose, sandalwood, jasmine, mogra, lobban and gulgul. Each of these flavours has its own speciality not only in terms of smell but also in terms of benefits it provides.

The smoke of Agarbatti fills the environment with not only fragrance but also with health benefits. Let’s look at how these fragrant sticks are beneficial to your health.


Benefits of burning Incense or dhoop sticks:

Relieves headache and stress:

Severe headaches and stress can affect you emotionally as well as physically. It can impact your work and personal life too.  The scent of Agarbatti or Dhoop stick removes mental blockage and congestion which helps in relieving stress. So, the next time you feel your head throbbing lighting, an incense stick can provide relief.

Helps to keep germs at bay:

Agarbatti or Dhoop sticks are made using natural ingredients. Their antibacterial properties fight germs and can defend you from infections. It also has anti-inflammatory ingredients like boswellic acid or frankincense. This helps in improving the blood flow in the body and will keep it healthy.

Can enhance creativity:

Few pieces of researches suggest that the aroma of few selected flavours of Incense or Dhoop sticks can increase brain power and stimulate creativity. This is due to the soothing effect that Agarbatti or Dhoop sticks provide. The calming effect of certain fragrances boosts your abilities and can also help in getting new ideas.

Speeds up the healing process:

Due to the efficient healing properties of Incense sticks, it is usually found in Ayurvedic and meditation centres. The scent that incense sticks produce, activates the body’s receptors which aid in fast healing. 

Sandalwood is the most admired incense stick owing to its healing properties. It produces keratin, a compound found in the outermost layer of the skin which is helpful in curing many diseases.

Makes you calm and less anxious:

One of the most acclaimed benefits of Agarbatti is that it calms the mind. Its fragrance soothes the brain nerves and alleviates your mood. Its efficient properties activate your senses that make you feel less anxious. Burning incense or Dhoop sticks at your study or workplace increases focus along with making you feel relaxed.

Helps you to sleep better:

With a rise in stressed lifestyles, insomnia is also on the rise. And if you are someone who is suffering from sleeplessness then Agarbatti sticks can be a great solution for you. It is a stimulant with a strong smell that acts as a natural sedative. Lightning Incense stick or Dhoop stick can help you in getting sound sleep.

Summing it up:
Burning Incense sticks is a natural way to make your surroundings healthy and aromatic. It is an amazing addition to your routine and lighting them is a soothing ritual in itself. You can buy Incense sticks dhoop online at the convenience of your home.


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