How can Sudarshan ghanvati benefit you?

Posted on June 18th, 2021 06:01 PM
Sudarshan Ghanvati Tablets

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine is a perfect blend of science and the art of healthy living. The Ayurvedic practices are five thousand years old and are not only useful for curing illness but are also helpful in protecting the body against fatal diseases. This traditional system works on three doshas- Vata, pitta, and Kapha. By combining many of such useful ayurvedic herbs, the tablets filled with numerous health benefits known as Sudarshan Ghanvati are made.

This potent ayurvedic formula restores the balance of the three main doshas and improves the body’s overall immunity response. For all those who opt for herbal remedies for taking care of their health, Sudarshan Ghanvati is one of the best options for them. Its uses and benefits are as follows:

Uses of Sudarshan Ghanvati:

  • Sudarshan Ghanvati is age-old and an excellent remedy for treating treat acute and chronic fever because of its ability to bring the fever down.

  • These tablets are also consumed for improving immunity to defend the body against various infections and diseases.

  • Consuming these tablets improves appetite so that the body gets adequate nourishment and body balance is maintained.

  • It is also useful for its anti-diabetic properties for managing blood sugar levels in the body.

Benefits of Sudarshan Ghanvati:

1. Fights fever: Fever is also known as jwara in Ayurveda, is considered as the lord of disease. Consumption of these tablets removes the toxins from the body along with heat and increases perspiration which is very helpful in reducing fever. It is useful for both types of fever: 
  • Acute fever: When an individual experiences a sudden rise in body temperature and if the body is not able to cope with elevated temperature it results in acute fever. Sudarshan tablets help the body to cool down naturally and get rid of it by strengthening the body internally.
  • Chronic fever: Few forms of fever might last longer and can cause many issues like fatigue, body aches, nausea, and many other sicknesses. Sudarshan Ghanvati soothes such conditions and also takes good care of chronic diseases.

2. Cures a common cold and cough: Anti-microbial properties of these herbal tablets provide aid in clearing mucus accumulated in nostrils and the respiratory tract and thus, curing common cold and cough for easy breathing.

3. Helps the body in adapting the climate change: For few people change in climate can bring changes in their health too. Due to a weak immune system, they are easily prone to diseases with changing seasons. Consumption of these powerful tablets helps the body to adjust to climate change by improving immunity and prevents the occurrence of various ailments.

4. Relieves headaches and body pain: As discussed earlier, Sudarshan Ghanvati is excellent at treating fever. But fever comes with several other health problems like body pain and headaches which is mostly caused due to weak immunity after a fever. This ayurvedic formulation provides relief in pain by increasing the body’s immunity to deal with such disease.

5. Remedy for Malaria: Malaria is a hazardous condition that leads to symptoms like high fever, vomiting, weakness, body chills. By consuming adequate doses of Sudarshan tablets improve immunity helps in getting rid of the maximum symptoms of malaria.

6. Treats Typhoid: Sudarshan Ghanvati along with other ayurvedic medicines provides aid in treating typhoid fever. It also stops the recurrence of typhoid by empowering the immune system.

7. Keeps kidneys healthy: These tablets work as a diuretic and also increase urination. The presence of this property keeps kidneys healthy and it is also prescribed for treating kidney disorders.

Summing it up:
Regular consumption of Sudarshan Ghanvati, a magical mixture of various healthy herbs is a great blend to boost our immunity and it also shields our body again various ailments. It not only efficiently treats the illness but also keeps weakness and other disorders away.


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