How to do DIY Pedicure at home in 6 simple steps?

Posted on: July 19th, 2023 01:36 PM

Feet take you everywhere but when was the last time you took them for some extra TLC?

Let’s agree, regular pedicures are super important for getting all the soft and beautiful feet but still, they are the least prioritized treatments in our self-care routine which are just saved only for special occasions.

Expensive charges or long waiting appointments in the salon, whatever the reason stopping you from pampering your feet, we are bringing the salon right to your home so you can indulge in some relaxing pedicure. Oh! We don’t mean the actual salon, but in this blog, we will be sharing some really simple steps for DIY pedicure at home.

How can I do a pedicure at home?

You don’t need to be a professional for taking care of your feet at home. With just a few simple steps you can do a pedicure at home with home ingredients. Let’s go through a step-by-step guide for home pedicure.

Pro-tip: If you want to turn your home pedicure into a spa-like experience you can add the soft touch of Tea Light Candles and spray Air Freshener for a magical hour.

Step 1: Start with nails.

As you are about to enter the feet care session, nails should also be your priority. With a nail paint remover liquid or a pad, wipe off your previously applied nail pain. Even if you haven’t put on paint, it is necessary to clean the dirt or any build that might have stuck on your nails.

Clip your nails nice and short with a nail cutter for better cleaning. Be cautious, don’t cut corners too deep for avoiding painful ingrown nails.

Grab your nail filer and shape them the way you like, square, oval, pointed, or squoval. Give force for filing your desired shape but don’t overdo it, especially at corners as it might weaken the nails.

Step 2: Relax with a foot soak.

Let’s get started with the most soothing and reviving pedicure step, foot soak. But that’s not only reason we do it for. Immersing feet in warm water softens the hard skin and gets your feet ready for the next step.

But what to put in water for a pedicure at home? The best ingredient for getting maximum results from this DIY is Bath salts. Epsom salt in bath salt is a great addition as it reduces rough patches, soothes muscles ache and reduces inflammation if any. The fragrance of bath salt calms down the nerves and lets you feel tranquillity. Bath salts are available in many fragrances, choose your favourite one and make the experience more indulgent. For the desired results, use only the right quality bath salts. Re:fresh Bath Salts are the best in quality and available at the right price.

For the foot soak, all you need to do is:

  • Take warm water in a tub. Add half a cup of bath salt of your favourite fragrance to it.
  • One by one, Immerse your legs slowly in water. Do soak the bigger foot area first. If you find the water temperature high, wait for a few minutes and then immerse again.
  • Keep legs in the water for 15-20 minutes.
  • Right after you take your feet out and pat dry with a towel.
Step 3: Take care of cuticles.

After you are done soaking, apply cuticle cream at the base of your toenail. Cuticle is a thin and soft skin layer between the nails and the skin. Regularly removing cuticles promotes healthy nail growth but never cut it. After a few minutes, wipe off the cream and push the cuticles with an angled cuticle pusher.

Step 4: Scrub off dead skin.

The next is a very crucial step, exfoliation. Take a gentle scrub and massage it on your feet, especially on areas with harder skin. Exfoliating is a crucial step in any skincare regime as it removed dead cells and lets the skin breathe freshness. Re:fresh Scrubs have powderful exfoliating properties with nourishing ingredients. Be quite firm with the scrubbing but don’t be harsh as it can severely damage the skin.

Step 5: Pamper with a massage.

You now have fresh and clean feet with nicely shaped nails. But your skin can be a lil bit sensitive by now so it’s time for intense hydration. Pick a good moisturizer like one form Re:fresh moisturizers with nourishing ingredients.

Religiously apply moisturizer on your entire foot and give a good massage, focusing between your fingers. Moisturizing your skin makes it smooth and healthy.

Step 6: Jazz up with paint.

Your feet are now all clean, soft and lovely. To add more charm to their radiance, decorate with your favourite nail paint shade. This step is obviously optional but would definitely enhance your feet’s beauty.

Start with a base coat for protecting natural nails, paint’em with the colour of your choice and finish with a top coat for added shine and to make nail polish last longer.

Summing it up:

Pedicure prices near you, in your favourite salon, can be a bit high but you don’t need to spend a huge amount in a salon to get flawless feet. Here you have it, the inexpensive and the best pedicure right in the comfort of your home. Following these few simple steps, you can get that smooth and gorgeous foot. Be sure to follow this DIY pedicure regularly for keeping your feet healthy. So, don’t delay any further, Shop all your pedicure essentials from Re:fresh and initiate a feet pampering session.

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