Types of Indian Pickles

How to pick the best pickles?

Posted on: June 19th, 2021 12:45 PM

The ‘chatpata-khatameetha’ pickle is something that almost everyone craves. For centuries, this salty, tangy, spicy and flavoured foodstuff has been an indelible part of Indian cuisine. From cucumber to mangoes, carrots, red and  green chillies and even fish and chicken, we Indians can pickle almost everything. Be it with roti, paratha, bread or rice dishes, pickles perfectly complement every Indian dish. From Gujarat’s ‘chhundo’ to Assam’s ‘Bhoot jolokia’, from Jammu and Kashmir’s ‘kamal kakdi ka achar’ to Kerala’s ‘Fish pickle’ every Indian state has its own pickle recipe to flaunt.  

A perfect pickle passes through the journey of picking the right raw ingredients, assembling spices, preservatives and waiting for fermentation to convert ingredients into palatable pickles. The process is quite lengthy for modern times but you can easily get authentic pickles online which are free from any artificial flavours and chemicals. 

If you are of the opinion that pickles are just good for taste buds, then you  are completely mistaken, as they are also filled with health benefits. Its probiotics bacteria help in digestion, fighting disease, soothes muscle cramps, curb sugar increase, and many others.  

Here is the list of few mouth-watering famous Indian pickles: 

  • Mango pickle: Hardly there would be anyone who isn’t a fan of the jaw-dropping taste of Aam ka Achar. Mango, acclaimed as a king of fruits, has dominance in the region of pickles as well. Though every Indian state has its own varied ways of preparing a Mango pickle, the most famous recipe for this tasty pickle is by cutting raw mangoes into pieces, marinating them with salt, spices, and oil, and letting it settle for a few days. 

  • Lemon pickle: If you are someone who likes ‘sour food’, then Lemon pickle is totally your type. It’s commonly known as Nimboo ka Achar. This tangy fruit has a well-known name in the world of pickles due to its limey freshness. This pickle could be sour, sweet, raw, ripe, dry, or wet. In any of its forms, it becomes a perfect pair for almost every Indian food.

  • Gunda Pickle: Gunda, known as Lasoda in Hindi, is a sticky berry that turns very delicious when pickled. This pickle is sour and spicy in taste and is very famous among the people of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is also rich in anti-diabetic properties which make it a healthy choice too. 

  • Chilli pickle: Indians love spicy food and if you are someone who wants that extra  ‘Thikka’ with your meal then Mirchi ka Achar or Chilli Pickle can become your favourite choice. It is either made dry or stuffed with spices. Both green and red chillies are used for making pickles. Green chilli pickle is usually pickled with lemon juice, oil and then stuffed with flavoured seasonings. It is mostly consumed with rotis and parathas.   Red chilli pickles from Rajasthani cuisine are famous for their spicy taste. It is an ideal taste enhancer when served with dal-rice and even parathas. 

  • Murrabo Pickle: Murrabo is famous for its sweet and savoury taste. It is one of the favourite pickles of North Indians. This sweet pickle is a treat to eat and is packed with essential Vitamins, calcium, iron, and protein. In Gujarat, a special form of Mango Murrabo is made by mixing raw mangoes with jaggery and red chilli powder known as ‘Chhundo’.  

  • Mixed pickle: Having so many varieties of pickles to choose from can be a bit confusing for some people. But we Indians have a solution for it too in the form of mixed pickles. Mixed pickles are nothing but different types of vegetables and fruits mixed together and made into a delicious pickle.  As there is a presence of ingredients with a high nutritional profile, this pickle is also very healthy. 

Summing it up:  
Pickles are more than just an appetizing side dish. They make your meals tastier and also offer numerous health benefits. Pick your delicious and healthy pickles free from artificial additives and chemicals and enjoy the test.


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