Tulsi powder

How tulsi powder can benefit you?

Posted on: May 6th, 2021 01:55 PM

Tulsi, also known as holy basil has immense religious significance in India. Along with that, it is the most popular Ayurvedic herb used in India. It has immense nutritional value and it is loaded with antioxidants. Time and again, it is used as a natural remedy or supplement in various ways. It is used in cooking as well as medicine. The benefits of tulsi are incomparable, ranging from strengthening immunity to fighting hair problems.

One of the most used forms of tulsi is tulsi powder. Tulsi powder is a natural and herbal powdered formulation of tulsi powder. If you buy tulsi powder from a branded company, then you do not need to worry about its natural form.

Tulsi powder has numerous benefits to improve overall health, may it be body health, skin health or hair health. Let’s find out the most popular benefits of tulsi powder.

Tulsi Powder Benefits for Health

  • Boosts immunity:- Tulsi powder has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infections and disease-causing bacteria. It contains several antioxidants that kill free radicals and protect the body from diseases. Thus, Tulsi powder is a natural immunity booster as it protects the body. 

  • Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol:- Tulsi powder is considered heart-healthy because it lowers the risk of heart diseases by controlling the levels of cholesterol. It increases good cholesterol in the body and decreases bad cholesterol. It also helps in managing blood pressure by reducing inflammation in the body. 

  • Provides relief from respiratory disorders:- Tulsi powder is known for being an effective and natural cure for respiratory disorders. It consists of many plant compounds that help to cure problems like cold, cough, chest congestion etc. It is so effective that it can also be used to manage a chronic disease like asthma. 

  • Cures fever:- Tulsi powder has the power to bring down body temperature and reduce the symptoms of viral or fever. Its antibacterial properties fight with the infection to take down a fever. It also helps to regain health by curing fatigue, weakness and nausea. 

Tulsi Powder Benefits for Skin 

  • Helps oily skin:- Tulsi acts as a natural toner for the skin and removes excess sebum, dirt and oil. It gives the skin a clean and clear look. People who have oily skin and want natural treatment can use tulsi powder in their skincare routine. It provides a cooling effect to the skin and gives a matte look. 

  • Cures acne and pimples:- Acne and pimples aggravate when you use too many chemical products. A natural way to remove acne and pimples is by applying a tulsi powder face pack every once in a while. It fights off bacteria and infections and cures acne without leaving the marks behind.

  • Lightens the complexion:-T ulsi powder provides a natural glow to your face. It lightens the skin colour by removing sun tan and curing problems like hyperpigmentation and dark circles. You can use tulsi powder as a scrub or cleaner to deep clean your face and get a glowing blemish-free face.

  • Anti-ageing benefits:- Tulsi powder is filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. They have anti-ageing benefits that maintain skin elasticity and prevent problems like wrinkles and skin sagging. To keep your skin looking young and beautiful, you can apply a tulsi powder face pack regularly on your face.

Tulsi Powder Benefits for Hair

  • Prevents dandruff:- Dandruff can be extremely irritating and embarrassing. Chemical shampoos do not treat dandruff the right way because it keeps coming back. The anti-fungal properties of tulsi powder fight dandruff and prevent it from coming back. It also soothes the itchy and flaky scalp to promote a healthy scalp.

  • Reduces hair fall:- Tulsi powder is a natural and herbal treatment to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. You can make a tulsi powder hair pack and apply it on a weekly basis to see a significant improvement in the volume and thickness of your hair. It not only reduces hair fall but also nourishes the hair.

  • Improves hair quality:- Damaged hair needs nourishment to regain its health. Tulsi powder consists of all the nutritional benefits of the tulsi herb and provides it to the hair’s health. It overall improves the quality of the hair making it smooth, shiny, and lustrous.

Summing it up
Ayurveda is our ancient science. It teaches us how to live a healthy and natural life. Tulsi, being one of the most used ayurvedic herbs provides remedies for the body, hair, and skin. You can now buy tulsi powder onlinealong with other herbal powders only at Refresh.


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