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Incense sticks - A Perfect Partner for Your Perfect Prayer

Posted on: July 17th, 2021 03:12 PM

Incense sticks, also known as Agarbattis or Dhoop sticks are commonly used in every Indian household mostly for worshipping. These sticks are an essential norm of Indian religious practices and have been around since the Vedic age. We all are aware of its magical quality that as soon as the incense stick is lighted, it fills the room with a pleasant and relaxing aroma. They are typically made up of plant-based aromatic material that produces a decent smell and combustible binding compounds for holding it tight.

Agarbattis are available in different fragrances like rose, sandalwood, mogra, and many others. As Incense sticks are a vital component for the Indian routine, they are easily available in online stores with varied options of fragrance and usage. The magic of this fragrance stick isn’t limited to the beautiful scent but it also has a plethora of benefits for health and the environment.

Benefits of Incense sticks:

  • Provides aid in sound sleeping: In modern lives filled with stress, the problem of insomnia has increased. Lack of proper sleep can make you feel tired and unfocused. Lightning incense sticks right before going to bed can make you feel calm and relaxed as they act as natural sedatives.

  • Reduces headaches and stress: Pleasant aroma of incense stick helps in reducing stress levels and headaches by opening a mental blockage and also provides relief in congestion. These sticks can activate your senses and make our nerves feel relaxed. This in turn decreases anxiety thus calming down the mind. So the next time when you feel a throbbing headache or are highly stressed and anxious don’t forget to flame up an incense stick in your room.

  • Meditation: Agarbatti is utilized in many religions to enhance concentration, improve senses, maintain focus, and uplift one’s spirit while meditating. Its divine smell takes our mind in a peaceful condition of bliss to unify it with the infinite energies of nature. Thus, this fragrant sticks helps you in meditating peacefully.
  • Strengthens respiratory system: Certain essential oils present in Incense sticks have a very favourable impact on our respiratory system. Its fragrance helps in fighting bronchitis, asthma, frequent cold, and few allergies. Thus, inhaling the smoke of Agarbatti can heal you with the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • Purifies the air: Many times our surroundings in our houses, offices, or other working spaces have certain foul smells. Lightning incense sticks work as a natural air freshener free from any harsh and deadly hemicals. By choosing the fragrance of your choice you can make your surrounding environment lively and fresh.

  • Connects you to spirituality: Agarbatti is considered as a bridge between human and spiritual worlds. Lightning incense stick while daily prayers or performing any rituals is considered pious in different religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. Its smell is also believed to open a gateway of Hriday (heart) chakkra leading towards prosperity and happiness.

  • Medicinal benefits: The fragrance of an Incense stick has been proved for raising Serotonin in the brain. Serotonin, an efficient mood stabilizer cures depression, is a mild pain killer, and also improves eating and sleeping habits. It is a good alternative to chemically made drugs. The fragrance of rose incense is the best for improving Serotonin in our brain.

Summing it up:
Incense sticks along with having a pleasant aroma also have mystic healing powers. Flaming it up daily will provide you with the surroundings filled with good smell, comfort, and health benefits. Usage of Incense stick should not be limited to spreading scent or performing religious practices but should be adopted as a habit for a healthy life.


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