High Protein Foods

Natural Sources of Protein You Need to Know Now!

Posted on: May 22nd, 2020 06:32 PM

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients to keep your body functioning well. Every cell in our body has protein content in it and is needed to build and renew muscle, hair, nails, and skin. Proteins are also instrumental in building hormones and enzymes.

There are multiple sources of protein for the non- vegetarian diet. Fish and meat are the richest among them. For vegetarians however, the diet becomes a little tricky. They might think where would they reap the required amounts of protein from. This blog will talk about high protein foods vegetarian people can consume. There are many natural, plant-based protein foods from which you can derive a healthy amount of protein. The following are a few, very accessible, and easy options:

Natural peanut butter:
A peanut butter jar is loaded with protein and is also an inexpensive option. As per multiple studies, people who inculcate peanut butter in their diets regularly have lesser chances of developing certain chronic illnesses. It can be used in a versatile manner with oatmeal, fruit, bread, or your choice of smoothie.

Oats flakes:
Oats are a gluten-free, highly nutritious grain which also happens to be inexpensive. They have comparatively higher levels of protein content than other grains. Choosing an oatmeal breakfast is a very wise choice for a healthy and potent dose of protein to kick start your day.

Quinoa is the star choice when it comes to choosing some food rich in protein because it has all eleven amino acids that are necessary to make a protein supplement complete. It is popularly used for making green salads for optimum health benefits.

Chia seeds:
These might look tiny but as less as an ounce of them can deliver up to 5 grams of protein along with calcium, omega-3s, and fiber. These can be great egg substitutes for vegans and can be used in salads or smoothies.

These make up for a great snack option because of the good mix of nutrients that they render. They are fairly rich in proteins and are very healthy due to their high vitamin E and mineral content. 

Cashew nuts:
These are very smooth and creamy in texture and are famously added to multiple dishes and consumed as snacks. Their protein content is high along with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Mostly all fats in a cashew nut are monounsaturated.

Buck wheat:
These have a very significant amount of carbs, which are the central dietary component in them. Proteins, minerals, and anti-oxidants are also present in fair quantities. They are generally considered very nutritious as compared to other grains.

Flax seeds:
Easily ranked as one of the most powerful plant foods on this planet, flax seeds are a thing of dreams for health enthusiasts. There is considerable evidence that suggests that flax seeds reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. They have a significant amount of omega- 3 essential fatty acids, lignans, and fiber. 

Moringa leaf powder:
Moringa is easily a whole plant protein. It can survive in minimal water and soil but can deliver all nine amino acids in a single serve. It is safe to say that one tablespoon of Moringa can be considered one full serving of vegetables. You can use the powder in smoothies or other suitable recipes of your choice.

There is one misconception that hovers around dates and it is that they are unhealthy due to their high content of natural sugar. However, this is untrue to a great extent because dates are significantly packed with essential nutrients, making them a stellar choice for snacks when taken in moderate quantities. They are high on every essential vitamin and mineral, most important proteins.

So, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the above-mentioned plant-based sources of protein are a no-brainer go-to. These are easily available and also inexpensive, making them an economical choice for maintaining your health. The nicest part is that they are very easy to inculcate in your regular diets and you can get as creative as you want with their usage. Go ahead and buy these in their freshest forms from the Refresh store.


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