Organic Rose Water

Organic rose water- Its uses and benefits that will make you buy it ASAP

Posted on: March 20th, 2021 01:06 PM

Rosewater is fragrant, flavoured water that is used both as a medicinal solution as well as a food additive. Though rose water is readily available, it is better to opt for organic rose water for the best results as you have the guarantee of its purity.

Rosewater was initially used as a fragrance thousands of years ago in what is now Iran and spread throughout the world as a fragrance and a food ingredient in various sweet dishes. In this post, we’ll see the various uses and benefits of rose water.

Health benefits of natural rose water:

  • Strong anti-inflammatory properties- Rosewater contains properties that help to treat multiple ailments, both within the body and on the skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties are well-documented and recommended by experts for years.

  • Cures sore throats- Organic rose water is a great alternative to antibiotics for the treatment of sore throat. Though research on the same is going on, many experts have seen promising results when recommending rose water to cure a sore throat.

  • Treats infections- Rosewater has great antiseptic properties, making it a reliable alternative to treat and prevent infections. No wonder pure rose water is used in a variety of natural and medicinal treatments.

  • Soothes skin redness and pimples- Rose water has been used as a beauty enhancer for thousands of years- no wonder its anti-inflammatory properties heal skin redness. Additionally, its antibacterial properties help to reduce the presence of pimples on your skin.

  • Helps relieve headaches- With the help of aromatherapy, research has shown how rose water and rose essential oil can help soothe headaches. Alternatively, you can soak a piece of lint cloth or other absorbent material in rose water and place it on the head for 45 minutes for best results.

  • Soothes digestive issues- Ayurveda and other home remedies have always recommended rose water to heal stomach upsets. Studies conducted recently acknowledge the role rose water plays in boosting digestion and solving stomach upsets.

How to cook with rose water:

Though most of us have heard about rose water but are unaware of the ways it can be used, here is a quick take on how you can use rose water to enhance the taste of your food. Let us see how this can be done.

  • Add this to creamy desserts- Why not add a little bit of flowery aroma to your creamy panna cotta? You can also add some to your kheer, giving your children one more chance to ask you to cook it for them.

  • Mix it into cake batters- Rose water gives your cakes an amazing aroma, enhancing their flavour by several notches. You can add rosewater to your cake and muffin batters and also your tarts.

  • Add it to your fruit salads- A floral flavour works wonders for your fruit salad and other fruit-based desserts. You can add rose water to your summer sharbats, jams, and fruit syrups. Rosewater does not subdue the original taste but adds a hint of extra rose-y taste and smell to anything it is added to.

Use and benefits of rose water for skin:

  • Hydrating the skin- Due to stress and exposure to the sun, your skin can get dehydrated. This, in turn, can lead to many skin problems like premature ageing, rashes, redness of skin, etc. To cure this, experts recommend drinking a lot of fluids in the summer besides using rose water to hydrate and cool your skin. One way to do this is to add rose water to your face packs, creams, and lotions for an additional dose of moisturisation to the skin. Doing this can help the skin remain soft and supple.

  • A natural makeup remover- Following social and professional conventions means applying make-up almost every day. If make-up is applied, it also needs to be removed as and when needed. Regular makeup removers can contain harsh chemicals and alcohol that can harm you in the long run. Rosewater, on the other hand, can help you remove make-up naturally without harming your skin. For this, you need to mix 2 tablespoons of rose water with 1 tablespoon of almond or coconut oil to create a natural makeup remover that can get off even the most stubborn creams with ease. Dip some loose cotton in this mixture and wipe away all your layers of make-up.

  • Moisturising the skin(and lips)- Instead of using high-end moisturisers and cosmetics, a natural way to keep your skin supple is by spraying rose water on your face. This restores the moisture and hydration of your skin. Doing this once-a-day can work wonders for your skin’s health. Also, dabbing some rose water on your lips can help moisturise it. Later, you can apply some lip balm for some great soft pink lips. Who knew the humble rose water could be an effective moisturiser for your skin?

  • Cleansing and lightening the skin- In case of slightly uneven skin, you can dab some rose water on your face to lighten its pigmentation. Rosewater also helps to restore your skin’s pH balance. For this, you can spray some rose water on your face and rinse it with cold water.

  • Calming effect for your body- You can de-stress after a tiring day at work where you can spray this ‘magic liquid’ onto your wrist, neck and behind the ear for a calming effect.

A few last words.
Though many people aren’t aware of the usefulness of this ancient beauty solution, using rose water for skincare is now more important than ever, considering the dirt, pollution, and other elements that can harm the health of your skin. Also, adding rose water to your food can not only enhance its taste but also give addition of nutritional benefits to your body.


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