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Rice Crackers:- Types of Rice Crackers and Its Health Benefits

Posted on: December 31st, 2020 11:50 AM

Rice crackers are considered one of the very famous Indian snacks/appetizers. They are mostly eaten with Indian meals because they add a crunch and spice to the whole meal. Made with simple ingredients like rice flour, oil, and spices, they prove to be very light and healthy. Apart from that, they also have a traditional significance. Women in India, gather in groups to make dough from rice flour, roll them into small circles and let them dry in the sun. This makes them hard and brittle. And then afterward roasting them gives them a distinct smoky flavor which can be enjoyed with the meals. 

They are very healthy as they are easily digestible. They are also gluten-free which means that people who are allergic to gluten can easily enjoy them. Instead of wafers and chips, which are fried and processed, opt for Indian rice crackers which are just as crunchy but very nutritious. 

Some of the types of crackers and the reasons why people love them so much are given below.

  • Green Garlic Rice Cracker – Indians love the taste of garlic. It not only titillates your taste buds but is also great for health. Rice crackers made with green garlic have a smoky and spicy flavor. The crispiness of these rice crackers is loved with the staple food i.e. roti and sabzi. People often get tired of their regular meals and gain the temptation to eat unhealthily. Eating rice crackers as an accompaniment to your meals will make you enjoy them much more. And guess what! They are very healthy and nutritious. They are made with rice and a far better choice from empty-calorie chips or crackers. 
  • Chilli Garlic Rice Cracker– We have an appetite for spicy food and it's a general fact. Chili Garlic Rice Cracker has a loyal fan base of spicy food lovers. Regular meals are made considering the entire family's preferences and hence can be sometimes bland or mild in taste. People who have to fulfill their daily spice quota can eat these crackers with their meals. They are made with rice flour and red chili powder. These crackers are light on your stomach and healthy for your heart. They are absolutely gluten-free and easily digestible. 
  • Cumin Rice Cracker– Cumin rice crackers are the most basic and popular rice crackers. They are widely eaten by Indian people especially Gujaratis. Their smoky flavor and crunchy texture make them a great snack. They are the healthiest appetizer option you can find. While waiting for your hot and tempting meal, it is natural to get restless. Instead of eating unhealthy appetizers that kill your hunger and don't let you enjoy meals, go for something light and crispy like rice crackers. They are made with rice flour which means they are easily digestible which is why they even make a great substitute for papads. 
  • Green Chilli Rice cracker - Rice crackers can be also eaten as snacks. They are in fact a very healthy option for evening snacks. Instead of eating fried things and hampering your cholesterol, opt for roasting rice crackers. You can make a delicious evening snack by garnishing chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander on the crackers. With a base of green chutney and topping it lemon juice, green chilli rice crackers can become a tempting quick snack. They have negligible calories, so the next time you want to eat something crunchy and spicy, think about your health too and order rice crackers. 

Summing it up. 

Opting for the right brand when you shop for rice crackers is very important. Being a local product, they are generally sold without any labels, certifications, or appropriate packagings. To ensure they are made with supreme quality ingredients, buy from verified outlets like Refresh organic.


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