What makes pulses essential for us? Health, skin and hair benefits

Posted on June 25th, 2021 11:52 AM
Benefits of Pulses

Don’t know what to eat more to achieve a balanced diet? We will tell you what you are missing. PulsesGrains form an important part of our Indian cuisine and we usually eat pulses in our daily lives one way or the other. But to gain benefits from their nutrition, you need to actively start including more pulses in your diet. Pulses like beans, lentils, chickpeas have numerous benefits. They are not just good for our health but our whole body. Let’s find out various benefits of pulses so that we consume more of them, knowing their importance. 

Nutritional Profile of Pulses 

If you are a vegetarian who is looking for a good source of protein to add to the daily diet, then you should surely include pulses. They are an exceptional source of plant-based protein. With that, pulses are also rich in dietary fiber, iron, calcium, and folate. 

Health Benefits of Pulses 

- Heart Healthy: Pulses like chickpeas and beans promote normal functioning of the heart. The nutrition they offer helps to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure in the body. People who eat pulses regularly have a low risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. 

- Help Control Diabetes: Pulses help you in controlling blood sugar levels as well. They promote insulin sensitivity and help stabilize blood sugar levels. A balanced meal with pulses included can help prevent the spike in sugar levels after the meals. Pulses are especially great for people suffering from diabetes. 

- Rich in Antioxidants: As pulses are plant-based, they are highly rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants are required by our body to help fight free radicals and harmful germs/bacteria. Regularly consuming pulses can help to prevent many diseases.

Skin Benefits of Pulses 

- Healthy and Glowing Skin: Pulses like beans and peas provide nutrition to the skin. They keep the skin healthy by nourishing it and preventing any damage. The nourishment provided by these pulses helps to attain healthy and glowing skin. 

- Soft and Smooth Skin: Pulses can be a part of many skincare DIYs to get soft and smooth skin. Moong lentils can be a great help to solve many skin issues. It moisturizes dry skin and keeps it soft and supple. 

- Sun Tan Removal: Antiseptic properties of pulses can help your skin cool down if it has been exposed to the sun for too long. They can help to reverse the immediate suntan and provide relief from the burning sensation.

Hair Benefits of Pulses 

- Hair Growth: As pulses are a great source of plant-based protein, they stimulate hair growth. Due to their nutritional profile, hair growth becomes an easy and effective process. They are definitely not a common choice for the DIY masks but surely worth a try.  

- Hair Strengthening: Pulses are rich in Vitamins iron, zinc, and protein which are essential for a healthy scalp. These nutrients make the roots strong and prevent problems like hair fall and hair thinning.  

- Healthy and Shiny Hair: These pulses are also known to moisturize hair. Beans and lentils have keratin in them which makes hair smooth, silky, and shiny. Pulses in your diet can help you attain healthy and luscious hair.

Summing it up 
Pulses truly are an integral part of the Indian diet. They are not just healthy and nutritious but also versatile. You can make numerous delicious dishes with them. They can be consumed via snacks, meals, or soups. If you are not consuming pulses as much as you should, then this is your cue to get started.


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