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What to include in a perfect Pre Bridal Skin Care routine?

Posted on: November 29th, 2022 01:37 PM

To look stunning on D-Day is every girl’s dream. After all, a bride is the centre of attention at a wedding and there shouldn’t be anything that shines brighter than her on that day. Your look on your wedding day is something that you dream about constantly when the special date is near. Healthy and bright skin is the ultimate goal and it shouldn’t be that difficult when you start taking care of it from early on right personal care products.

Looking all beautiful is a fine dream but it requires effort and commitment. And that’s where the importance of pre-bridal skincare comes in. Deciding what is perfect for your skin and what is not can be a tough choice especially if you are planning for something huge as a wedding look.

To all the 'Brides-to-be' out there, we bring you the perfect pre-wedding gift. This blog includes EVERYTHING that you need to do to take care of your skin. It times to reflect radiance and beauty!

Pre-Bridal Skincare tips:

    Don’t miss on cleaning:

    Any skincare routine will undoubtedly begin with cleaning. Cleaning is crucial for getting rid of dirt, dust, pollutant and grim. These impurities can cause excessive harm to your skin if not washed off properly. Also, unclean skin can easily be prone to acne, and pimples and break out, so it is very necessary to clean it at least twice a day. A good cleanser not only clears the skin of impurities but also nourishes it. You can choose a gentle yet effective cleanser like face wash and body wash for better results.

    Moisturize for buttery smoothness:

    The importance of thoroughly hydrating the skin can’t be emphasized enough. Moisturizing regularly can bring all the skin miracles you have been waiting for. Moisturizers penetrate deep into the skin and adequately nourish it. Hydrating properties of moisturizers replace dryness with buttery smooth skin. Moisturizers are available in different consistency such as Body Butter, Body Milk, Body Cream and Body Lotion. The choice of moisturizer depends upon how dry your skin is.

    Exfoliation is a must for the desired glow:

    A gentle exfoliator is mandatory for removing dull skin and adding a brighter glow with fresh new skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells. For effective exfoliation, be sure to use a body scrub of the right quality and from a recognised brand.

    Relax & wave goodbye to stress:

    As your wedding date comes nearer, you would be going through a lot of stress. Stress can cause havoc on your skin. To wave goodbye to stress, practice activities that calm your mind like meditation. You can also relax with a soothing monthly massage.

    Face pack:

    If you want a top-notch glow on your marriage day, then a face pack should definitely be on your list. Applying a face pack at least once a week 3 months before to marriage is a must for keeping skin nourished and pampered. You can buy face pack sheets from the market or even make your own DIY pack at home. Multani mitti, turmeric, sandalwood, gram flour and aloe vera are some excellent natural moisturizers that you can easily find at your home.

    Better the Diet, Healthier the skin:

    Even if you build up a robust skincare routine and stick to it with all heart, you won’t get desired results if you skip the very crucial step, Diet. Intake of essential nutrients is mandatory for keeping skin healthy. If you are healthy from the inside it will reflect on your face. And therefore, a balanced diet is of utmost importance. You can consult a dietician or follow some basics like cutting down on sugar and high-calorie foods.

    Exercise for better results:

    Exercising for getting your body in shape and also for adding a radiant glow to your face is the best gift you can give yourself on the big day. It lets your skin breathe. You can choose yoga or gym for your fitness but be disciplined with your fitness routine.

    Get quality sleep:

    After following a strict skincare regimen, nothing could be more disappointing, than dark circles popping up on your wedding day. A few late night sleeps accompanied by a little more stress can make you deal with puffy eyes and dark circles. All your efforts for skin care will go in vain if you are not serious about your sleep schedule. To have that unmatched glow on your wedding day, ‘beauty sleep’ is everything you need. This fancy term doesn’t mean anything else than getting quality sleep for 7-8 hours. While we are asleep, the process of cell regeneration and the creation of tissues takes place in the body. Our entire central nervous system is calmed down and stress is relieved to a great extent. This all helps our skin to relax and shine naturally. Therefore, your skin can only promise you a beautiful glow if you offer it a sound sleep.

    Contact a Dermatologist if needed:

    Skin problems can spoil your entire look. If you already suffer from acne, pimple, black spots or any other skin condition, advice from a dermatologist can be of great help. Being an expert he/she can give you guidance on what treatment is best suited for your current problem or any underlying skin condition.

Summing it up:

Your wedding day is the best occasion to flaunt a flawless look. It's a day where you just don’t want to glow from your face but from within. You want to experience all the happiness in the world. For that splendid feel, you require some pre-bridal care and some self-care pampering. Pull all your heart for shining radiantly on your D-day because those moments are once in a lifetime.


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