Which flours are necessary for a healthy diet?

Posted on September 14th, 2021 04:24 PM
Organic flours

Flours are vital in almost every Indian cuisine. Some food items made from flours like rotis, parathas or chillas are consumed on a daily basis in Indian households. Popularly they are known as Atta in Hindi. As they form a part of our regular eating it is necessary to consume healthy and organic flours. From being helpful in the preparation of daily staples to baked bakery items, flours have several usages. Types of different flours we consume will form a big list.

Every flour has its own unique nutritional content and goodness. But few of them outscore others in terms of benefits they offer. Due to more healthy content, these flours are receiving limelight and are gaining popularity in daily usage. So, now let’s have a look at which flours are best and what makes them the best flours.

Organic Multigrain Atta:

Multigrain Atta is a new buzzword in the world of diet. Due to its essential benefits, this flour is witnessing an immense rise in its popularity. Multigrain flour is a mixture of 5 different grains like wheat, quinoa, rice parmal, soyabean and pearl barley. The differences it holds in comparison to single grain flour is what makes it superior to the latter. Its benefits will be cleared through the following points:

- Highly nutritious: The fact that Multigrain Atta consists of the nutritional and health benefits of 5 different grains make it the healthiest of all. This flour can never harm you unless your body is allergic to either of the flour used. It is rich in every essential vitamin, protein, calcium, fibre and minerals.

- Aids in proper digestion: Multigrain flour is fibre-rich. Its high dietary fibre content makes it exemplary for improving overall digestive health. It also provides relief from indigestion. Its compounds help in better absorption of nutrients from the food which in turn increases metabolism.

- Beneficial for diabetic patients: Multigrain Atta is a boon for individuals suffering from diabetes. This flour has lower carbohydrates and Glycemic index as compared to single grain flours like wheat flour. Its consumption keeps control over blood sugar levels which is beneficial for diabetic patients. Moreover, it also lessens bad cholesterol in blood vessels and keeps the heart healthy.

- Gluten-free flour: Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, barley and rye. When water is added to such flours, the dough tends to become elastic. Multigrain flour is gluten-free which means it is non-elastic and dense. It is versatile in nature and helps in easy cooking or baking. From being power-packed with nutrients to being heart-friendly, Multigrain Atta is filled with amazing benefits. Sometimes change is essential and substituting your single grain flour with Multigrain flour is the type of change that is necessary.

Organic Chana Besan:

Another type of flour that is used widely in the Indian kitchens is Besan. It is also known as Gram flour, it is a grounded form of the famous Chana Dal. Apart from being a major ingredient in chilas and monsoon-favourite food Pakoras, Organic Chana Besan also has various different usages. It is utilized in the preparation of sweets, kadhi and is also used as a soup or gravy thickener. The role of this yellow coloured flour is not limited to being a major component in tasty dishes but it also imparts health benefits as follows:

- Higher protein content: Besan has higher protein content than any other single grain flour, making it a great source of protein for vegetarians. High protein-packed food keeps your hunger satisfied and also aids in maintaining muscle mass.

- Maintains healthy blood sugar levels: A higher manganese level in the blood is necessary for keeping blood sugar levels under control. Besan fulfils 74% of the daily requirements of manganese. Therefore, making a healthy choice for diabetic patients.

- Aids in weight loss: High fibre content makes Besan ideal for digestive health. It helps in better absorption of food nutrients which increases metabolism. High metabolism aids in faster weight loss. 

- Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease: Folate lowers the homocysteine levels thereby lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart stroke. Besan contains 101% of the prescribed folate intake. Adding besan in your diet thus keeps your cardiovascular health safe. But, just consuming Besan won’t do any good. You must also be conscious about its quality. For obtaining its full benefits, you should opt for Organic Besan. The reasons for choosing organic Besan over normal ones are as follows:

  • It is chemical and pesticide-free.
  • It is processed through natural techniques.
  • It has the true goodness of chana dal.

Summing it up:
Almost every cuisine around the globe is incomplete without the usage of flour. So it is very necessary to add the proper type of flour in your meal to reap its health benefits along with an appetizing taste. Multigrain flour and Besan are the best flours for your family’s health. They are star ingredients of many delicacies, storehouses of health and so you shouldn’t miss them.


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