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Why Hair oil is a mandatory tonic for hair?

Posted on: April 29th, 2022 12:30 PM

Have you ever pondered on the days of childhood, when granny used to emphasise hair oiling as a necessary routine and then, wished you get back that strong hair again? Well, many of us do.

Modern lifestyle and pollution explosion have made gorgeous hair a fine dream for most of us. Those expensive hair care products are only good for temporary results as they don’t work on the roots. If you are tired of modern hair care problems and you are in search of a legit answer,  then we have a solution for you. You might have heard the saying “old is gold” and the same saying is the answer to all your problems. Your age-old Dadi maa’s hair oiling technique can help you to strengthen roots and cure several scalp related issues. Yes, hair oil cannot solve all of your hair problems but can surely cure the majority of them effectively.

What hair oil should you use?

The market is spoilt with the choices of hair oils. With many options, one can easily get perplexed regarding which hair oil to choose for the best results. Every oil is packed with special nutrients that serve different benefits. Apart from a few commonly used hair oils like coconut oil, here is the list of selected hair oils which are found to be very helpful for the scalp and hair health.

Amla hair oil.

Amla oil is considered the best choice for summers as it imparts a cooling sensation. Made from fresh amla fruits, this oil is highly acclaimed in Ayurveda due to its excellent medicinal properties. Being rich in Vitamin C, it helps you to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall naturally. Besides this, it also helps in reversing premature greying, improves dry scalp and is a very good conditioner for hair. Lastly, amla oil can also add a beautiful shine to your hair. If you have dry and undernourished hair, then don’t make your hair wait long. Indulge in its complete care with Amla hair oil.

Almond hair oil.

We always have heard that almonds are great for hair. But this famous brain tonic can be an effective tonic for your hair too. Almond oil has a natural SPF-5 that protects hair from sun damage. Also, biotin content in this oil is found to be very efficient for making hair strong from roots to tips.

Jasmine hair oil.

Jasmine hair oil is very helpful for nourishing the dry scalp, taming frizzy hair and keeping such hair detangled. Its antimicrobial properties provide relief from itching and can be a possible cure for lice.

Benefits of Regular hair oiling:

Your curious mind might have questioned, why oiling is so popular since ancient times. Well, it’s due to the amazing benefits this process offers. 

  • Due to constant exposure to dirt and heat, our scalp tends to lose its hydration and get dry. Hair oiling adequately hydrates the scalp and keeps all the scalp problems caused by dryness away.
  • If you are finding difficulty growing your hair then hair oiling can surely help you out. It nourishes hair follicles and supplies essential nutrients to the scalp that in turn boost hair growth.
  • Hair oil is a very good option for naturally strengthening your hair roots. It exfoliates the scalp’s skin, fights bacteria, adds back lost nutrients and boosts health.
  • Hair oiling is crucial for fighting antimicrobial, antifungal and bacterial infections. Oiling also soothes any side effects like itching caused by these infections.
  • Besides dryness, this practice also helps in smoothening curls and frizzy hair. 
  • Massaging with hair oil, help to calm your mind and relax your body. It offers a splendid experience that we all love.

Summing it up:
Hair oiling is an indispensable routine if you are desiring to have perfect and flawless hair. We have answered your problem and now it’s your turn to get started with the healthy ritual of hair oiling.


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