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Why moisturizers are your winter skin’s best friend?

Posted on: December 4th, 2022 01:39 PM

Will you be ready to wear summer clothes during cold winters? Absolutely not right. Then why do you hang on to the same skincare routine all year long? Your body requires different clothes, and different diets for various seasons and so does your skin crave special care as soon as the chilly season sweeps in. Dryness is a synonym for winter which can cause havoc on your skin. It can make the skin look dull but that’s something nobody wants. Winter skin demands extra pampering and care to flaunt its glow. Body Moisturizers pamper your skin in many ways by defending it from winter skin woes like dehydration, dryness and dullness.

If you are in search of a solution for keeping your skin healthy in winter, you are at the right place. This blog explains how moisturizers are beneficial in winter and which one you should pick in accordance with your skin type.

Type of moisturizers:

Skin types are varied and so are types of moisturizers. Every skin type has its requirements for hydration and nourishment. If you apply a moisturizer that is not meant for your skin type, you are doing no good.

Body moisturizers are mostly of 4 types. Let’s check which one perfectly suits your skin.

    Body Milk:

    Body Milk is the most lightweight and has a liquid consistency, that easily gets absorbed by the skin. This moisturizer is suitable for people with highly oily skin.

    Body Lotion:

    The body lotion is also a lightweight moisturizer but has a thicker consistency than body milk. It can go well for people with normal to oily skin.

    Body Cream:

    Having a medium consistency, body creams are neither too greasy nor too dry. Applying body cream can benefit normal to dry skin with its mild nourishment.

    Body Butter:

    Body butters are the thickest and most hydrating of all. They are made with higher oil proportion which makes them a deep nourishing secret. Body Butters are a perfect pick for people with super dry skin which require intense moisturization.

Benefits of moisturizers in winter:

    Locks in moisture:

    Skin gets dehydrated more speedily in winter than in any other season. Lack of hydration results in lower moisture levels which ultimately affects its health. The right moisturizer penetrates deep and adds much-needed hydration to the skin for a longer duration to perfectly balance moisture levels.

    Fights dryness:

    Dryness is one of the biggest enemies of skin health. As your skin dries, it will be susceptible to many issues. Hydrated and moisturized skin will not be prone to winter dryness. The hydrating effect of these topical creams works wonders in tackling dry skin and keeping the skin health under check.

    Soothes skin problems:

    As discussed earlier, dry skin can lead to many skin problems. A few common skin issues faced during this cold season are breakouts, irritation, eczema, itching, acne, blemishes and several others. Moisturizers can be an effective cure for all these problems as open clogged pores.

    Keeps your skin soft and radiant:

    Winter skin tends to become hard and lose its shine. Moisturizers make your skin hydrated and nourished making it healthy. It replenishes vitamins and minerals making the skin as smooth as butter and adding a ravishing glow.

    Reduces signs of ageing:

    Better hydration makes skin appear younger. Moisturized skin has the right elasticity. It is neither too loose nor too tough. Applying gentle moisturizers reduces the visible signs of ageing i.e wrinkles and fine lines. This effect automatically adds a beautiful youthful glow.

    Pampers your skin after a hot shower:

    Nothing feels better than a hot and relaxing shower in the chilly season. Though a bath with hot water might feel very satisfying, it can be damaging to your skin. A hot shower snatches moisture from the skin and makes it drier. Applying moisture after a reviving bath with warm to hot water instantly adds back the lost moisture.

    Helps you to relax:

    The application of moisturizer is not only good for your skin but it lets you relax too. It soothes your skin which makes you feel nice about yourself. The delightful fragrance of moisturizers can calm your nerves.

When to apply moisturizer?

  • Moisturizers are boon for the skin, especially in the dry winter months. You can apply them whenever your skin feels too dry or irritated but to bring out the desired results, you should be aware of their timings.
  • The best time for applying moisturizer is right after the morning shower and just before going to bed at night.
  • After showering your skin is delicate and needs extra nourishment. Also, as you have just cleaned your body thoroughly, the lotions can be better absorbed by the skin. At night your body is in relaxation mode, so moisturizer can work more efficiently.
  • It is important to apply mositurizers at least 30 minutes before leaving for outdoors.

Summing it up:

Body Moisturizers are necessary to skin tonics, but in winter they become mandatory. Their deep nourishing effect should be your priority in your winter skincare routine. This winter, stay protected from dryness with hydrating moisturizers.


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