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7 Organic Foods That Help to Boost Energy

Posted on: July 24th, 2020 09:19 PM

You can’t catch a break, can you? Something or the other keeps coming your way and you get tangled up while trying to juggle different aspects of your life. We all know that life is not what it used to be for our fathers and forefathers. Our bodies are surviving a much more dynamic environment than they did. But the solution to keep on going remains the same for eternity – ENERGY.

Our body requires energy to function and our main source of energy is the food we eat. It is important to keep a check on what you eat because not all foods provide you nutrients that can boost your energy. When it comes down to our regular lifestyle, we hardly notice what type of nutrients the food that we are eating will provide. In order to be more active, eating foods that boost your energy is very important. But how do we know what’s the right kind of food?

Why is organic food better to boost energy?

Due to the ongoing situation of more demand and less supply of food, chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used to grow more and more crops. Moreover, the crops are also genetically modified to serve the demand in the non-seasonal period. All these chemicals are affecting our health by deteriorating the strength of our immune system. These conventionally grown foods offer very few benefits to our fast-paced stressful life. Also, the chemicals with which they are grown are one of the main reasons our generation is suffering from early age health problems. Diseases like cancer, heart problems, infertility, and diabetes are on the rise due to bad lifestyle and food choices.

Organically grown foods take time to grow but they are so much healthier. The nutrient content in organic foods is higher and because the food is chemical-free, the nutrients also get absorbed much faster. Gradually, your body starts responding to organic foods in an effective and efficient way. You would start to notice that your meals don’t make you feel heavy and lethargic. These foods also digest much faster due to the lower toxins so your body produces more energy and helps you be active throughout the day.

Here is a list of 7 energy-boosting foods that won’t spike your sugar level.

  • Organic jaggery: Jaggery is an excellent substitute for white sugar. It takes time to get absorbed in your bloodstream and hence doesn’t spike blood sugar levels instantly. It provides energy to the body in a gradual manner and for a longer time. Organic jaggery is a great choice for people who suffer from diabetes and have to keep their sugar levels in check. It is important to cut your intake of sugar as you age and jaggery can help you with that without making much change in the energy levels.
  • Organic oat flakes: As they say, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Keeping that in mind, we suggest oatmeal as the ultimate breakfast choice. Oat flakes contain essential vitamins and minerals that can help the body in producing energy. They are a great source of protein and fiber that makes for a satisfying meal. This energy-boosting food is also low on fat, so it a perfect choice for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Organic cow ghee: Cow ghee is our staple food and we use it in most of our meals. It is known to be a high energy food.  It has energy-boosting properties because it consists a high amount of good fats. There is a general misconception that ghee is unhealthy. The truth is quite the opposite. Our body needs good fats so that it can burn them down and turn them into fuel.
  • Organic processed quinoa: Quinoa is a superfood that you need to know about and add it in your diet. It is cooked the same way as rice but has much lower carbohydrates and calories. It is extremely rich in protein, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc. It is known to improve the digestion process and make the metabolism faster. Eating quinoa instead of rice is a really healthy choice. It can prove to be a good source of energy that can be sustained throughout the day.
  • Organic brown rice: The difference between brown rice and regular white rice is that brown rice is less processed and has more nutritional value. It is rich in magnesium which helps to break down the carbohydrates and proteins to form energy.  Brown rice is great for diabetic and heart patients as it is gluten-free and helps to reduce cholesterol. Many people are shifting to brown rice to avoid unwanted carbohydrates and calories.
  • Organic peanut butter: People who love to workout need a greater boost of energy for their training. Hence, many fitness trainers add peanut butter in the diet for their clients. It is high in good fats and protein which gets instantly converted into energy but without increasing your cholesterol levels. It is an extremely delicious spread and can provide you an ample amount of energy that can help you remain productive all day.
  • Organic seeds: It’s not too late for you to realize the health benefits of organic seeds. These seeds are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and plant compounds that are rarely found in other food products. Chia seeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc., are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are known to reduce fatigue and improve heart health. Eating a handful of these raw seeds can give a head start to your day. 

Summing it up
As we shift into a much health-sensitive world, picking up foods that add varied nutrients to our diet and provide us with energy has become very important. Taking an extra step and shifting to organic food will provide you with benefits for a very long time. 


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