Famous Indian Pickles

Famous Pickles That Rule Indian Cuisine

Posted on: August 26th, 2022 03:13 PM

When you think of Indian pickles, what comes to mind? Spicy and tangy flavour, tempting aroma and amazing experience, right? Indian pickles are the epitome of relishing flavours. The taste of each type of Indian pickle is unique because they are made with hot, intense and warm spices that are native to India.

Pickles are an intrinsic part of Indian cuisine. Indian pickles come in many different flavours, such as sweet, tangy, sour, citrusy, spicy and salty. In India, any meal is incomplete without a pickle as a side dish. For eg, in no time a simple bowl of dal-chawal becomes special with a touch of Raw Mango Pickle.

Today Indian pickles go beyond just being full of spices and flavours. In this blog, we will explore the different types of Indian pickles so that you can decide which one is perfect for you and your family.

What are pickles?

Pickles are vegetables or fruits that are preserved in a vinegar or brine solution. Pickles can be eaten directly, used in salads or as part of a meal. Pickles add a tangy, sweet, and salty heat, whether on their own as a side dish or can be paired with rice, stews, or layers of paratha to give a mouth-watering experience.

Every Indian region has their own recipe for making various pickles with different ingredients.

What Makes Indian Pickles Different From the Rest?

There are a few key differences between Indian pickles and other pickles.

  • Unlike pickles from western countries that mostly use cucumbers, Indian pickles are made with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

  • Indian pickles are prepared with a lot of spices, including cumin, ginger, garlic, cloves, and cardamom. These spices help to give the pickles their unique flavour profile.

  • Indian pickles prevent the vegetables from becoming too sour and are typically preserved in a vinegar or brine solution. This solution helps to preserve the vegetables while giving them a unique flavour profile.

  • Indian pickles can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes, including samosas, tikkas, dal makhani, masala dosa, and chutney. They are also perfect for use as a condiment in wraps and sandwiches. Indian pickles are a delicious and unique way to add flavour to your meals.

  • Indian pickles are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and potassium as they contain Indian spices.

Famous Indian Pickles

In India, pickles are relished in a variety of flavours. We love the sweet taste of muraba, the tangy taste of aam ka aachar, or the spicy zest of chilli pickle.

Some of the most loved Indian pickles are:

  • Lemon Pickle

Lemon Pickle makes the most bright and tangy condiment for enjoying your favourite Indian dishes. It is made with lemons and spices. When served with any meal, its taste can really make the whole dish much more interesting.

  • Mixed Pickle.

A mixed pickle is a blend of different veggies. Its flavour will surprise you with its mild taste. Every bite of this pickle titillates your taste buds and gives a distinct texture and flavour.

  • Green Chilli Pickle.

It is made with green chilli, spices and salt. This pickle is usually served as a side dish with lunch and dinner. It goes best with rice and plain paratha.

  • Mango Pickle.

It is the most loved pickle of all pickles and is made with raw mangoes, red chillies, sugar and flavourous spices. It has a spicy, sour and fruity taste that can be enjoyed as a condiment or as a snack. It is prepared during summer and can enhance the taste of any food. You can eat it either with puri, paratha, or rice. This pickle is not only tasty but also a healthy addition to your meals.

  • Garlic Pickle.

Garlic pickle is made with fresh garlic and pickling spices. It is a classic Indian pickle that is often served as a side dish with meals. The aroma and taste of garlic are undeniable and pungent. This pickle is made when nicely chopped pieces of garlic are mixed with warm spices and oil.

  • Kerda Pickle.

Kerda pickle has a unique texture as it is mainly made up of kerda. Gooey Kerda and hot, warm spices like red chilli, black pepper etc, when mixed with oil, make up a flavourful pickle that can excite your taste buds.

  • Red Chilli Pickle.

Red Chilli Pickle is an exciting side dish to spice up any meal. Its spicy and tangy flavour can be enjoyed with paratha and steamed rice. It is made from red chillies and spices.

Spices used in Indian Pickles:

  1. Red chilli powder: To add a bit of heat and spice to pickles red chilli powder is used. The red chilli powder is simply ground-dried red chillies.

  2. Green Chili: It is an optional ingredient for pickles. But they add an addictive spiciness to any Indian Pickle.

  3. Fenugreek: It is used in many different pickles and is a bitter herb that has a characteristic smell and taste. Fenugreek is the primary flavouring combined with chilli peppers, it gives the pickles a beautiful warm spice flavour.

  4. Turmeric powder: Turmeric powder is used to make pickles, and the spice is also used in many other dishes. These spices add an interesting flavour to the pickles and can be enjoyed either as a side dish or as part of a meal.

  5. Mustard Seeds: These seeds have a faint spicy smell much like curry leaves. They taste just like mustard in its paste form. Mustard seed is essential for sharp, zingy flavour in any pickle.

Summing it up:
From the vibrant colours and aromas that come from the spices used in pickling, to the complex flavour profile that is characteristic of most Indian pickles, they are definitely worth trying out. So next time you're at the grocery store or making an online purchase, be sure to give some Indian pickles a try – you won't regret it!


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