Tips for restoring damaged hair.

Posted on December 6th, 2022 11:58 AM
Hair Care Routine Tips

Whenever your hair starts looking lifeless with strawlike ends, missing shine and gets unmanageable volume, it is a sign that your scalp is crying for special attention and pampering from your side. On every occasion, when you are dressed up all good but your hair doesn’t have your back, huh, that’s the biggest mood spoiler ever. For every individual suffering from the condition of ‘Damaged Hair’, we can understand, there is nothing more disappointing than it.

The biggest culprits for dry scalp and damaged hair are styling tools used frequently on high heat, effects of pollution and wrong hair care products. We tend to overlook these problems for a temporary look not realising our hair is tolerating much more than it can.

If you are determined to get your old lustrous and gorgeous hair back, we are here to help. In this blog, we have highlighted all the necessary points that you need to keep in mind during your hair care journey.

Tips for building the right hair care routine:

Apply oil regularly:

Oil is a mandatory hair tonic. If you want to get back old glossy hair, you can’t get back it without hair oil. Massaging regularly with oil can bring miraculous results for most people. The oil contains all essential nutrients which are super beneficial for hair and scalp health. They make hair strong and healthy from the roots, which in turn can minimize several scalp issues. The market is spoilt for choices of hair oils. Which one is best for you depends on your scalp type and level of damage.

Here are a few hair oils that you can try:

    Amla hair oil:
    Enriched with the goodness 0f Indian gooseberry this hair oil is perfect for soothing a dandruff-prone itchy scalp. Its application makes hair smooth and glossy.

    Jasmine hair oil:
    This is one of the most loved essential oils. It is light and moisturising. Jasmine oil is perfect for people with oily scalps.

    Almond hair oil:
    The presence of healthy almonds makes this oil very nourishing. Applying this oil can help people with mild damage.

    Ayurvedic hair oil:
    Ayurvedic hair oil is a blend of all many essential herbal oils that are proven to be very beneficial for scalp and hair health. Ayurvedic oil is good for every scalp type.

Choose Gentle shampoo:

The shampoo has more than a cleaning effect on your hair. It plays a very crucial role in maintaining scalp health. Shampoos filled with harsh chemicals can worsen the condition of already damaged hair. So it is very necessary to choose shampoo wisely as per your hair type.
Let’s check out a few of the best shampoos:

    Herbal shampoo:
    The natural ingredients of this shampoo are gentle on the hair texture. They soothe skin irritation and itching on the scalp and nourish it.

    Protein-rich shampoo:
    If your hair looks dull due to a lack of essential nutrients, this shampoo can help add them back. Its rich protein content is very helpful for keeping hair healthy.

    Fruit-based shampoo:
    Fruit-based shampoos are winning the hearts of people. The aspect that distinguishes them from others is their exciting fruity fragrance.

    Lemon-based shampoos:
    If you are suffering from an oily scalp, dandruff, or an annoying sweat smell, then lemon shampoo can be your best pick. Its powerful properties wipe off all impurities and problems and replace them with a fresh and stimulating fragrance.

Don’t miss on Conditioner:

  • Your hair is completely clean after washing and also hair pores are open. Adding the necessary nourishment as a conditioner can keep your hair texture smooth and manageable. Apply conditioner for a few minutes on damp hair and wash it off after a few minutes. It hydrates the hair and keeps dryness away for a reasonable time.

Wash with lukewarm water:

  • You might find a hot water shower the most relaxing thing to do especially in winter but your hair won’t agree on the same. Hot water can strip off natural oils and escalate the dry scalp problem.
  • If you want don’t to bathe in cold water due to chilly weather or for your own comfort, you can wash your hair with lukewarm water. This will both,calm you done and won’t be tough on your scalp health.

Detangle hair before shampooing:

  • This is one of the common mistakes that almost everyone commits, going for hair washing directly opening hair. Tangled hair can lead to serious hair breakage. While massaging your scalp, if your hands meet any tangles, you will definitely try to solve it even with pressure on wet hair which is already delicate. This makes the follicles weak from the roots and causes hair to fall and breakge.

Don’t be harsh on wet hair:

  • When hair is wet, it is in a most fragile condition and needs to be handled with utmost care. Avoid combing wet hair as far as possible. But if your hair is curly which requires combing wet hair for styling, use wide-tooth combs.

Use styling tools at low temperatures:

  • When you notice that your hair strands are suffering from damage or they are showing early signs of damage, you should completely avoid the use of heat tools. It can be an iron, hair straightener or curler. But if you are keen for a specific hairstyle, you must use it at a very low temperature that can be endured by your hair.

Heat protectant is a must:

  • Do not use styling tools without hair protectant spray from a recognized brand. Hair protectant makes a defence layer between your hair texture and damaging excess heat from the machine.

Get regular trim:

  • If your hair tips are suffering from split ends, then regular trimming is advised for you. Damaged hair length has very slow growth, and attracts frizz. You can ask your hairstylist to cut damaged hair so the health of the rest of the portion is kept intact.

Summing it up:

If you want to restore your crowing glory then be religious with a healthy hair care routine. Following some does and don'ts is all you need to get a healthy scalp again. The most important aspect of your hair care journey is choosing the right shampoo and hair oil. Be consistent and patient with the process as great results take time.


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