Ice cream flavours

Unwrapping delicious flavours of ice cream and different combinations

Posted on: July 22nd, 2022 07:22 PM

Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the most popular desserts in this world.  From the simple sugar and fat-free versions we can enjoy on a regular basis, to the more indulgent flavours that are perfect for special occasions, ice cream is a dessert lover’s dream come true. What could be better than sinking your teeth into some rich and creamy flavour while enjoying the moment? There simply isn’t anything on this earth that comes close to the amazing flavour and satisfaction that ice cream delivers. 

Ice cream can be served in many different ways. The possibilities are endless. You can serve it in a cup, in a cone, in a double cone and get excited. Keep one hand free and hold tight to your double scoop of goodness in the other. You can satisfy your midnight cravings, change your mood, or simply savour it. 

Ice cream is always the best option if you’re looking for something easy to have for dessert. If you’re looking to make the whole family happy,  pick out your favourite ice cream flavour today! With multiple different flavours of ice cream to choose from, everyone can be satisfied with their favourite type of ice cream.

This blog will make you aware of some popular ice cream flavours and what goes well with them. 

Undeniable Ice cream flavours:

  • Vanilla ice cream.

To name different flavours of ice cream, Vanilla ice cream is the most popular and delicious flavour. When you want a dessert, it's the best choice. You can also add other fruits or jelly to make your own customized flavour.

  • Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate ice cream is a delicious solution to all your problems. It's rich, creamy and full of flavour, which means it's perfect for an indulgent treat or satisfying your sweet tooth. Adding choco chips or cookie powder while preparing it gives you the right amount of chocolatey punch.

  • Butterscotch ice cream.

Butterscotch is another classic ice cream flavour that is loved by many. Butterscotch's sweet, caramel-like flavour will make it your favourite for life. Topping it off with butterscotch nuts makes the experience even more exciting.

  • Rajbhog ice cream.

Rajbhog ice cream is Indian in origin. The ice cream has a rich taste that satisfies your palette with every bite.

  • Kesar pista ice cream.

If you like nutty flavours, then you should miss out on the addicting flavour of Kesar pista ice cream. This ice cream offers a rich, buttery and sweet taste that will satisfy the cravings of any Indian person.

Pairing other desserts with Ice cream.

Ice cream is a delicious dessert in itself but when combined with other desserts, it can take you into a whole new different world of delight. Here are a few irresistible icecream combinations that you must try:

  • Custard.

Custard is versatile. It is a traditional dessert consumed in different forms around the globe. In India, we mostly consumed it as a fruit salad. When ice cream is added to it offers a new experience.

  • Milkshakes.

Yes, you read it right. Milkshakes have a smooth consistency that can be made more better with ice cream. You can add the same flavour of ice cream as of milkshake to make it more exciting.

  • Cakes and pastries.

Ice cream cakes and pastries have been loved by all. You can make it on your own with your favourite ice cream flavour. 

  • Brownie Bites: 

Another classic combination that works well with ice cream is brownie bites. These little morsels are rich and fudge-like, which goes great with the sweetness of ice cream. Plus, they're easy to make and can be enjoyed as a dessert.

  • Cookie Dough:

This is an easy combination to pull off because both desserts are classic favourites. Cookie dough is perfect with ice cream because it has a strong flavour and a soft texture. Plus, it's creamy and decadent- the perfect way to end a meal. 

Benefits of eating ice cream:

There are many benefits to enjoying ice cream. Not only is it a delicious dessert, but it can also be a healthy snack. Here are five benefits of ice cream you may not know:

  1. Ice cream is a good source of calcium. Calcium helps to build strong bones and teeth.
  2. Ice cream is a good source of potassium. One cup of ice cream has as much potassium as a banana.
  3. Potassium helps to maintain fluid balance and regulate blood pressure.
  4. Ice cream is rich in vitamin C. One cup of ice cream contains about half the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps protect the body from infections and supports the immune system.
  5.  Ice cream can be a fun treat for kids too! 
  6. It tastes great and can be made in different varieties and can be easily stored.

How to make your own Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a delicious treat that is easy to make and can be enjoyed by everyone. If you're looking to make your own Ice Cream, the best option is to use a Readymade Ice cream mix. This type of mix contains all the ingredients you need to make your own ice cream, including sugar, and flavourings. 

Summing it up:
It's no secret that everyone loves ice cream. Whether it's because of its creamy, delicious taste or the nostalgic feeling of biting into a cone or bowl with friends, ice cream is hard to resist. There are so many amazing flavours to choose from and they all taste incredible. The best thing about ice cream is that it can be made easily at home with premixes and can be loved by all.


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