What to eat for breakfast and how it can benefit you?

Posted on May 11th, 2021 05:05 PM
Organic jaggery

As they say, “You should eat your breakfast like a king.” We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why? What’s the logic behind it? Well, science says, breakfast is crucial because it is the first meal you consume after your body goes through a fasting period during the night. Breakfast replenishes the glucose and energy needed to go throughout the day. When you skip breakfast, it usually throws off your body rhythm of diet. After waking up in the morning, your body needs fuel in terms of energy to function properly. 

It is also important to check the kind of food you have in the morning. Eating unhealthy and fried food in the morning brings fatigue and makes you feel heavy and nauseous. A good breakfast is also linked with improved focus, concentration, activeness, and prevention of many diseases. Not to worry if you don’t know what are the variety of healthy things you can eat for breakfast.

We bring you the list of the best food to eat for breakfast:

  • Fruits and Milk 

A perfect example of a healthy and light breakfast has to be fruits and milk. Fruits like apple, oranges and bananas are extremely nutritious and light on the stomach. Milk is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet because it is high in nutrition and health benefits. Instead of adding sugar in milk to sweeten its taste, you can add jaggery. Consuming refined sugar early in the morning is not a good option for your health because it is processed, high in calories and does not provide much nutrition. Organic jaggery, on the other hand, is a natural sweetener that is raw, natural and unprocessed. It is a very nutritious choice to lead an active lifestyle. 

  • Whole Grain Recipes 

Eating whole grains instead of refined grains for breakfast can transform your health for good. Whole grains are a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients. They are packed with protein, iron, fibre and copper. One of the most popular whole grains, organic ragi whole is heart-healthy, easy to digest, and provides several health benefits. Ragi whole is 100% whole grain and essential for a balanced diet. You can make breakfast meals like dhosa, idli, upma etc,. These meals keep you full for a long time, provide energy throughout the day and help you manage weight. Organic ragi whole breakfast meals can make a great start to your day.  

  • Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfasts you can have. It is made with oat flakes, milk and nuts. You can add organic honey to it to gain natural sweetness. The main hero of oatmeal is the oat flakes. Oats are whole-grain and gluten-free. They consist of several antioxidants, plant-based protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Organic Oat flakes improve your digestive system, keep your heart healthy and maintain your cholesterol levels. They are low in calories and their benefits can be effectively seen in your health. 

  • Nuts and Seeds 

Eating a good breakfast is a must to have a productive day. When you don’t have time to make a full-fledged breakfast meal, you can grab a few nuts and seeds to eat on the way to work. Nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts are known for their high nutritional profile. Seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and their health benefits are exceptional in their own way. These raw and organic seeds are filled with nutrition and help to fulfill your daily recommended nutrition requirement. Consuming nuts and seeds in breakfast reduce the risk of several chronic diseases and maintain the normal functioning of the body. 

  • Healthy cereals

Cereals like rice and corn are high in nutrition. They are a great source of proteins and minerals that help the body to function properly and prevent any diseases. Cereals are consumed during breakfasts because they provide loads of energy that can be used throughout the day. Organic corn flakes, made from organic and nutritious corn can be consumed with milk every day as it makes a healthy breakfast. You can even make several breakfast dishes with organic rice flakes that prove to be very healthy and light. 

  • Green tea 

Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. If you are lactose intolerant or not a fan of tea/coffee, then you can switch to green tea as your daily refreshing beverage. Organic Green tea can be consumed twice or thrice a day and has no ill effects. In fact, it consists of many antioxidants that help to detoxify the body, prevent diseases and keep the body functions going. Regularly consuming green tea is related to the prevention of many chronic diseases in long term. Green tea also increases your fat-burning process and improves your digestive function. 

Summing it up 
If you want to start getting conscious about your health, then start getting conscious about what you eat for breakfast. It is the first step towards balancing your diet and making it healthier. Good breakfast not only keeps you healthy but also more productive to make the most of your day. 


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