Herbs and Spices

Why are herbs and spices key components of a delicious dish?

Posted on: April 1st, 2022 05:58 PM

Don’t you just love the appetizing flavour and aroma of a dish made with spices and herbs? Their presence is enough to heighten the taste of the recipe. They hold an eminent place in every household as Indian cuisine is incomplete without the touch of spices. Every spice and herb has its unique essence and fragrance that can make or break the dish. A few spices and herbs like ginger, basil, thyme, turmeric, cumin, coriander seeds etc., are used in recipes that we consume frequently, while others like Anise are used occasionally.

Ways of Using Herbs and Spices:

There are several ways of including these delicacies in your dish. It is very necessary to impart the right type of flavour to bring the desired taste. Here are a variety of ways in which you can add a delicious taste and aroma to your homemade dishes with flavourful and authentic spices. 

1. By adding them directly.

Species and herbs can be mixed directly while cooking the dish to add their authentic flavour and taste. They can be used as a whole or in grounded form.

2. With flavourful masalas.

Masala, a favourite Indian ingredient is now popular worldwide due to its ability to add the right flavours to the recipe. Masala is a fine blend of different grounded spices and herbs. Undoubtedly, masala is flavourful but the best part is that there is a wide range of different masalas according to the recipe you are planning to make. Pavbhaji masala, Panipuri masala, Sahi paneer masala, Biryani masala, Vadapav masala, Dal makhani masala etc., are a few famous types of masalas for Indian dishes. Garam masala and Indian Kitchen king masala are made with an exquisite blend of many spices and can be used in many dishes.

3. In form of Seasoning.

Seasoning is often confused with spices but they are a bit different. Unlike spices, seasoning can or cannot be plant-based. They are mostly added at the end of the dish. A few popular types of seasoning are Peri-peri, Pizza mix, Chaat masala and many others.

4. With Flavouring spices.

The unique and potent taste of flavouring spice can help in adding a specific taste of the ingredient to the recipe. Its presence can alter the original taste of the dish. Tamarind powder, garlic powder, ginger powder, tomato powder are some of the famous flavouring spices commonly used.

5. As a Premix.

Premixes are customised blends that are used as a ready-mix to make flavourful dishes like pasta. 

Benefits of Herbs and Spices:

Now as we are aware of how spices and herbs can be used in the kitchen, let’s have a look at what benefits they hold for you.

1. Antioxidant properties.

Spices and herbs are the storehouses of powerful antioxidants. Cinnamon, basil, turmeric, paprika powder, cloves, thyme leaves and many other spices and herbs have antioxidant properties that can defend your body cells from free radicals.

2. Weight loss.

The goodness of herbs and spices keep the digestive tract healthy and are very helpful in overall weight maintenance.

3. Heart friendly.

Cooking food with herbs and spices can decrease sodium intake and thus lowers the risk of heart diseases. Ginger powder, garlic powder, basil, coriander, and marjoram leaves can be considered good for heart health.

4. Anti-inflammatory.

Spices and herbs are found to possess potent anti-inflammatory properties. Herbs like Rosemary leaves and spices like black pepper are effective in soothing excessive inflammation.

Summing it up:
Be it in the form of masalas, seasoning, flavouring spices or premix, the touch of spices and herbs is mandatory to make the dish presentable and add delicious flavour and aroma. Their presence can make your mealtime experience a satisfying one. Along with, adding the right flavours to the dish, they also enhance your overall health. For reaping their full benefits, it is necessary to shop for the right quality and form of spices and herbs.


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