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Spices are used to enhance the flavour and aroma of food. They come in many different varieties, including pepper, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. They help to thicken sauces and batters. Re:fresh spices are rich in flavour and aroma that can help you in making tempting dishes. Re:fresh Black Pepper powder is a flavourful spice that tastes good on most spicy dishes in small doses. Its a delightful addition to any dish that can transform a normal dinner into a superfood party. Cinnamon Powder is the best for sweet dishes, desserts and baked dishes. You can use Re:fresh Cinnamon Powder in very small doses in chilli, tomato sauces and other products. Re:fresh Nutmeg powder is a superb interpretation of legendary flavours that add great taste to your food. It is a must for bechamel sauces, cheese dishes and beverages. While fairly tame compared to other pepper-based spices, Re:fresh paprika adds warmth and earthiness to a dish. Re:fresh also has a clove powder which can be used in the preparation of many savouries. It is normally cooked with curries, and stews and pairs well with cinnamon, basil, onion, citrus peel, star anise, or peppercorns. Re:fresh elaichi/cardamom powder is utilized for enhancing a variety of dishes with its sweet flavour and aroma. Some spices are used to flavour food while others are used to add colour or aroma. Many spices are also used in medicine to treat different health conditions. Generally, spices can boost the immune system and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Make delicious food in every way with Re:fresh spices.  


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