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Masalas are a blend of spices and herbs that give food a unique flavour. Re:fresh ready-made masalas help in bringing restaurant style flavour to your homemade recipe. Some of the most popular masalas include kitchen king masala, garam masala, chhole masala, veg biryani masala, kutchi dabeli masala, sambhar masala, rajma masala, shahi paneer masala, vada pav masala, noodles masala, pani puri masala, pav bhaji masala and more. By using the correct proportions of spices, you can make dishes with a complex flavour that will wow your taste buds. Dry masalas are made with only spices and no oil. Re:fresh Garam masala and Indian Kitchen King masala are made from the blend of various spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and others. It is a healthy ingredient for all Indian dishes, as it is a mixture obtained from natural herbs and spices. Re:fresh has Pav Bhaji Masala which is used to make popular street food. Re:fresh Chhole Masala is used to make chole curry and Kabuli chana, both of which feature chickpeas. Rajma Masala is also a good blend that plays a starring role in the preparation of rajma curry. Re:fresh offers Tea Masala which is used to prepare one of the most Re:freshing tea. Tea Masala is enriched with the goodness of a strong, aromatic blend of chosen herbs. If you love South Indian food then Re:fresh has Sambhar Masala also which is used to make tasty Sambhar at home for a South Indian dish.So if you're looking to explore the world of masalas, you must try the different Re:fresh Masalas. From simple seasonings to complex flavours, there is a masala for every recipe. They have exceptional taste, aroma and authentic flavours that you shouldn’t miss.


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