Beat summer with homemade Ice cream

Beat the summer heat with satisfying homemade ice cream.

Posted on: March 22nd, 2023 06:59 PM

Summer is finally here, and with it comes the heat! Whether you're soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, lounging by the pool, or simply taking a walk around your neighbourhood, there's no denying that summertime can be sweltering. Luckily, we all have one cooling ally to turn to: Ice Cream.

Is there anything better than indulging in a chill scoop of ice-cold creamy goodness on a hot summer day? Whenever you're feeling the heat, treat yourself to the scoops (or two) of ice cream. This cold and delicious dessert is summer's perfect companion on hot days when everything else just doesn't seem to offer any relief from the blazing sun. So grab a spoon and let's get started - this will definitely make you want to scream for ice cream!

What makes Ice Cream the perfect summertime dessert?

When the temperatures soar, nothing beats the heat like ice cream. The creamy texture and cold temperature of ice cream can soothe the soul and offer relief from the sweltering heat. It's a treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day, whether it's a plain scoop or enriched with toppings.

The beauty of ice cream is its versatility. There are endless flavours and toppings to choose from, making it easy to find a flavour that suits your taste buds. From classic vanilla to exotic fruity flavours, the options are endless. You can also add your favourite toppings, like fresh berries, chocolate chips, or sprinkles, to create a customized dessert that's perfect for you.

Not only is ice cream delicious, but it also brings people together. It's a treat that's enjoyed by all ages and is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Whether you're at a summer picnic or having a backyard barbecue, ice cream is the perfect dessert to cool off and relax with.

Ice cream can also make other desserts like falooda, cold coco and custard more indulgent.

Studies have shown that eating ice cream can boost your mood and reduce stress levels. So next time you’re feeling down about the heat, treat yourself to a cup or cone of your favourite flavour – it just might make you feel better!

Popular ice cream flavours:

Here are five satisfying ice cream flavours that are sure to help you beat the heat this summer:

Butterscotch flavour.

Butterscotch ice cream is a satisfying flavour that has stood the test of time. The rich, buttery flavour pairs perfectly with the creamy texture of the ice cream, and the caramelized sugar creates a satisfying crunch. You can enjoy butterscotch ice cream in many ways as is or pair it with some crunchy nuts like peanuts or walnuts for added texture. Or, for a more decadent treat, top it with some hot fudge sauce and whipped cream.

Vanilla flavour.

Vanilla is the classic ice cream flavour that never goes out of style. It is the perfect base for a multitude of toppings, and its subtle, creamy flavour is always a crowd-pleaser. It's a flavour that pairs well with other desserts or stands on its own as a simple, yet satisfying treat. The smooth, creamy texture of vanilla ice cream is perfect for hot summer days. You can also add toppings like fresh fruit or caramel sauce to enhance the flavour.

Chocolate flavour.

If you're a chocoholic, then chocolate ice cream is the must-try for you. The rich and creamy texture of chocolate ice cream, combined with its intense flavour, makes it a favourite among many ice cream lovers. You can pair it with fresh strawberries or raspberries to add a fruity twist to your dessert. Or, for the ultimate chocolate experience, add chocolate chips, brownie chunks, or hot fudge sauce on top.

Kesar Pista flavour.

Kesar pista ice cream is a delightful combination of saffron and pistachio flavours. This unique flavour profile is a popular choice in many Indian households, as saffron is considered a luxurious ingredient that adds an exotic touch to desserts. The nutty flavour of pistachios complements the delicate aroma of saffron, making for a refreshing and satisfying ice cream flavour. Whether you're in the mood for a rich and nutty dessert or a light and refreshing snack, kesar pista ice cream is a perfect choice.

Rajbhog flavour.

Rajbhoj (royal feast) ice cream is a traditional Indian flavour that is made by mixing a variety of nuts, fruits, and spices. The flavour is reminiscent of Indian sweets and is perfect for those who love a more complex flavour profile. The ice cream is also known for its vibrant pink color, making it a visually stunning treat. The combination of nuts like almonds, cashews, and pistachios, along with the sweetness of dates and the warmth of cardamom, makes this ice cream a true feast for the senses.

How to make ice cream at home?

Making ice cream at home is super easy. All you need is an ice cream premix, and be ready to relish. Here’s an instant recipe for homemade ice cream:

  • Mix Ice Cream Mix pack in 400 ml high-fat milk.
  • Boil the mixture for 3-4 minutes, stir well during boiling.
  • After cooling at room temperature, pour the mixture into tray and put it to freezing for 2 hours.
  • After 2 hours put out the mixture from the tray and blend it with a blender or beat with a spoon.
  • Put mixture back in a tray, cover with a poly bag & freeze it again until ice cream becomes firm.

Summing it up:

With so many delicious ice cream flavours to choose from, there's no need to suffer through the heat this summer. Homemade Ice cream is a sweet way to beat the heat. It is refreshing, creamy, and sweet – everything you need to cool down on a scorching day. So go ahead, indulge in a scoop or two of your favourite flavour and cool down in the most delicious way possible!


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