Organic Kalonji Seeds

How can Kalonji seeds benefit you?

Posted on: September 24th, 2021 05:24 PM

Indian cuisine is widely known for its use of whole spices. The aroma, flavour, texture and colour that they bring to several dishes is unparalleled. Along with bringing authentic taste to the food, they are also very beneficial to health. The spices act as supplements and benefit all the elements of health instead of focusing only on one area. One such magical whole spice is kalonji seeds.

Kalonji seeds are small black seeds that are used as a spice in India. They are also used to provide several benefits to the body, hair and skin. You must have come across these tiny seeds many times, unknown to the innumerable benefits they provide.

Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds:

- Promotes Healthy Heart:
Implementing kalonji seeds in your diet helps to lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol. Kalonji seeds are known to be heart-healthy as they prevent heart diseases and lower the risk of a heart attack.

- Boosts Memory:
Kalonji seeds are a popular supplement for boosting brain function. They improve memory and help to increase concentration. Due to their nutritional properties, kalonji seeds are also used to prevent neurological disorders.

- Detoxifies Liver:
Kalonji seeds help to improve the function of the liver by detoxifying it. The seeds also help to protect the liver from toxicity so that it is not prone to damage. The nutrients found in kalonji seeds help to protect not only the liver but also the kidneys.

- Controls Headache:
Kalonji oil made from the seeds helps to control excessive headaches. It is the most common natural remedy used by everyone in India. Kalonji oil provides fast and effective results when it comes to curing a headache.

- Strengthens the Immune System:
Due to the healing properties of kalonji seeds, they are considered to be immunity boosters. Adding kalonji seeds to your breakfast meal can provide you energy all day and also build immunity to fight against various infections.

- Aids in skin and hair problems:
Kalonji oil extracted from the kalonji seeds is used to cure several skin and hair woes. Kalonji oil is a natural remedy to boost hair growth, reduce hair fall, clear up skin and prevent acne.

- Improves oral health:
Kalonji seeds also help to improve oral health. The oil extracted from the kalonji seeds can be used to strengthen gums, reduce swelling in gums, prevent plaque and fight bad breath.

How are kalonji seeds used?

Kalonji seeds are tiny black coloured seeds known for their aroma and flavour. They are used in various Indian recipes for their texture, taste and nutritional value. 

- Salads and Stews:
Kalonji seeds can be sprinkled over stews especially north Indian dishes. You can also sprinkle them over your salad to add a flavourful crunch.

- Smoothies and thick shakes:
Health-conscious people add a lot of vegetables and fruits in their smoothies or thick shakes. Adding kalonji seeds will increase the nutritional value of these healthy drinks.

- Parathas and naan:
Kalonji seeds are used to flavour Indian bread i.e. naan/paratha. The seeds add a distinct texture to the bread and make it more enjoyable to eat.

What are some other uses of kalonji seeds? Apart from their culinary uses, kalonji seeds are also used for other purposes. Kalonji seeds are popularly used for making kalonji oil that is used for skin and hair benefits.

In order to make kalonji oil at home, use organic kalonji seeds that are unrefined. These seeds are grown on organic farms without the use of any chemicals and fertilizers. Using organic kalonji seeds will help you to avail maximum benefits from their nutrition.

By cold-pressing organic kalonji seeds, one can get virgin, organic and pure kalonji oil. The cold pressing method ensures that all of the nutrition of kalonji seeds is retained in the form of oil.

Kalonji oil is mainly used for hair growth. The oil nourishes the scalp and hair follicles which in turn helps to attain healthy and thick hair.

It can also be applied topically to solve various skin issues in a natural way. Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, kalonji oil is used to treat skin infections.

Summing it up:
One could use kalonji seeds in the preparation of different dishes and also in several home remedies. Kalonji seeds are one of those whole spices that have multiple uses because of their immense nutritional properties. Make sure to buy pure and organic kalonji seeds to avail all the benefits.


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