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Why do we need different type of cleaners for home care?

Posted on: May 15th, 2021 02:27 PM

Maintaining hygiene in your home is not only important to fight unseen germs and bacteria but also to keep your life organised. A neat and clean place elevates your mood and enhances your mental state. The environment in which you reside has a great impact on your personality and behaviors.

It is your responsibility to maintain hygiene in your home. Different surfaces and things in your home need different care. If you don’t clean your kitchen, dining, or living area frequently, dust, dirt, and grease can accumulate and it can make your home an inviting ground for germs and pests. Cleanliness is a good habit that everyone should practise to keep their home and lifestyle in a hygienic state. However, for that, you need the help of multiple different home care cleaning products.

Some of the most used products for home care cleaning regime are:-

  • Refresh Sanitizer/disinfectant spray: Regular dusting and cleaning help to keep your home neat and clean. Along with that you also need to sanitize your home after you clean it. Unseen Bacteria and viruses remain on the surfaces of your house even if it looks clean. Refresh sanitiser/disinfectant spray helps to kill all the germs and bacteria so that your house remains clean as well as hygienic. 

  • Refresh Dish wash gel: A sink full of dirty and unwashed utensils encourage bacteria and fungi. It is important to have a cleaning agent that cleans dishes spot-free and does not leave any unpleasant smell or residue behind. Refresh dish wash gel has a refreshing fragrance and it is gentle enough to not leave any scratches on crockery. 

  • Refresh Bathroom Cleaner: A clean and neat bathroom helps to maintain your hygiene and prevent any bacteria-borne diseases. Refresh bathroom cleaner wipes rigid stains from bathroom surfaces and also disinfects the area. The cleaner also imparts a pleasant aroma to the bathroom to fight any unpleasant odour. 

  • Refresh Toilet Cleaner: A toilet seat is a space where the possibility of germs and bacteria is much more than the rest of the home. A different type of cleaner is needed for cleaning the toilet. A stronger disinfectant is needed to wipe out all the germs and bacteria. Daily cleaning and wiping of the toilet are two activities very essential to prevent illnesses and diseases. 

  • Refresh Floor Cleaner: Floor cleaner is very essential to remove all the dirt, stains and grease from the floors of your home/office. A floor cleaner should be strong enough to provide you with spot-free floors and at the same time, it should not scratch or damage your tiles. Refresh floor cleaner comes in different fragrance variants to provide a refreshing and soothing aroma after cleaning. 

  • Refresh Liquid Detergent: Liquid detergent is best to retain the quality of your clothes. It is easy on the fabrics and colour of the laundry and provides deep cleaning. You just need a small amount of Refresh liquid laundry detergent to clean a whole pile of your laundry. You can use liquid detergent before washing them with the powder to effectively remove stains from your clothes. 

  • Refresh Glass Cleaner: Glass being a transparent material, dirt and stains are easily visible. It needs continuous cleaning and dusting. However, it is a delicate material and can easily break or get scratches. Refresh Glass cleaner is specially formulated to clean glass surfaces without leaving a scratch and keeping them spot-free. Now it is easy to clean glass surfaces at home and office with Refresh Glass Cleaner

Summing it up 
Hygiene is the most important thing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your home/office has different areas and surfaces, so to keep your home/office clean and hygienic you need an army of cleaning products. Now avail a range of home care cleaning products online only at Refresh


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