Why Wheat Pasta is a healthy and tasty choice?

Posted on December 18th, 2022 02:15 PM
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Italian dishes are well known for their vibrant flavours and taste. Pasta is one such popular Italian delicacy. It is one of the most delicious things in the world that is simply irresistible. People love pasta because it can be prepared in so many ways and is always tempting.

Making pasta is a lot of fun. Also, they are available in a variety of shapes with different names. Pasta can also be cooked in a variety of ways like boiling, steaming, or pan-frying. 

Raw pasta is generally made of maida, water, salt and other ingredients. It is often prepared with sauces or as a stand-alone meal. Some people also enjoy making their pasta at home. It is often served as a main course, salad or snack and can be eaten at any time of the day.

Why Do People Love Pasta?

There are many reasons why people love pasta. Some people love the taste of it, while others appreciate its versatility. Here are a few reasons that make pasta super famous.

  • People love pasta firstly because it is very easy to make and can be used to create a wide variety of dishes, from simple Russian salad to complex ‘pasta al forno’.
  • It can be made with a variety of sauces varying from tomato to pesto sauce. With masalas and spices, you can also give them an Indian touch.
  • Pasta can be found in many different shapes and sizes, including noodles, shells, and dumplings. Each shape has its distinct method of preparation which serves different experiences.
  • Pasta can be stuffed with different ingredients, such as cheese, vegetables, sauces and seasonings.
  • Pasta can be made from wheat, rice, corn, potatoes and maida flour. Wheat flour is considered to be the healthiest option.
  • In addition to being delicious, pasta also has a good shelf life. It can be stored for a long time.

Indian Style Pasta:

Indian-style pasta is a unique and adapted version of a pasta recipe prepared specifically for Indian taste buds with a combination of spices, herbs and masalas.  Indian flavourous spices, herbs and masalas can make any meal mouth-watering.

It is a versatile dish that can be spiced to your liking. Some of the most common ingredients used in masala pasta include chickpeas, tomatoes, chilli flax, garlic, ginger, and turmeric. All of these ingredients are combined with spices like cumin, cardamom, and chilli powder to give the pasta its distinctive Indian flavour. 

What is Wheat pasta?

Wheat pasta is made by grounding wheat into a fine powder. This powder is then mixed with water and salt, and shaped into a thin sheet. Wheat pasta is richer in nutrients which makes it healthy and delicious. It has a very soft and elastic texture that cooks quickly and is popular in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. It is chewy which makes it a favourite among many pasta lovers.

Difference between Wheat pasta and Maida pasta:

  1. Wheat pasta contains few calories and no cholesterol, which makes it a good choice for people who are trying to reduce their risk of heart disease. It is also a good source of protein. Maida pasta is made from durum wheat flour and is not a healthy option as it is full of calories and can get stuck in the stomach.

  2. Wheat is also a whole grain, while maida is not. Wheat pasta can hold more moisture than any regular maida pasta.

  3. Wheat is a cereal grain that is the most common in the world. Wheat can be ground into flour to make bread, pasta, pastry dough, and more. While maida pasta is made from durum wheat flour. Durum wheat is a hardier type of wheat than other types and can be handled only when cooked at high temperatures.

  4. Wheat pasta is soft and has a chewy texture, but maida is hard and has a tough texture.

Popular Varieties of Wheat Pasta:

Wheat Penne Pasta:
Penne pasta is a cylindrical pasta. It is known as a versatile, ridged, and tube-shaped pasta. It can be filled with various ingredients, including cheese, sauces & vegetables. It best goes with creamy sauces like white sauce or pink sauce, tomato-based sauces and chunkier veggies.

Wheat Fusilli Pasta:
Fusilli pasta has a spiral shape. It cooks up well, holds sauces perfectly and has a tempting taste. This pasta variety goes best with pesto sauce.

Wheat Macaroni Pasta:
Macaroni pasta is the most common type of pasta and has a curvy tube-shaped structure. It can be found in dishes such as lasagna or mac and cheese. It blends perfectly with Alfredo sauce. Macaroni is the most preferred option when it comes to making Masaledar Indian Style Pasta.

Wheat Spaghetti Pasta:
This type of pasta is like noodles that are boiled until they're soft. It's a popular choice made with the use of creamy sauce or thick (smooth) tomato sauce.

Advantages of Wheat Pasta:

Let’s look at a few benefits that wheat pasta has to offer:

  • Cooks quickly - Wheat pasta cooks quickly, so it's perfect for quick and easy meals.
  • It's affordable - Wheat pasta is relatively affordable, making it a great pick for budget-minded diners.
  • Versatile and filling - Wheat pasta is available in a variety of shapes and can be prepared in various ways. It holds up nicely which makes a recipe with wheat pasta utterly delicious.
  • Healthier option - Wheat pasta is also a healthy option in comparison to other pasta varieties, as it contains minimal amounts of sugar and calories. It contains high amounts of fibre, which can help to regulate blood sugar levels and keep you fuller for longer. Wheat is a good source of protein and other essential nutrients.
  • Helps to lose weight - Wheat pasta is low in calories and carbohydrates, which means it can help you to lose weight or maintain your current weight.


Pasta is versatile, it tastes great, and it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Though there are various ingredients for making raw pasta, none compares to the health benefits of wheat pasta. It contains various nutrients and proteins that make them an excellent source of energy. So next time, when pasta cravings strike you, do give a try to wheat pasta.


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