Essential Tips for monson

Essential Tips for Staying Safe and Disease-Free in the Monsoon Season.

Posted on: July 9th, 2023 06:30 PM

As the pitter-patter of raindrops and the sweet smell of wet earth engulf us, the monsoon season brings along a unique set of challenges. While it paints a picturesque landscape, this time of the year demands extra care and caution to keep ourselves safe and disease-free. The combination of water-logging, mud, unhygienic surroundings, and humid air creates a breeding ground for various fatal diseases.

To ensure your well-being during this season, we have compiled a list of essential tips that will help you navigate the monsoon while staying healthy and happy.

How can we stay healthy in monsoon?

Stay hydrated.

As the humidity in the wet season rises, our body demands more fluids to keep itself hydrated. 

Also, staying hydrated is of utmost importance during the monsoon season as it helps boost your immune system and flush out toxins. Keep your hydration levels under check by drinking

adequate water and consuming fluids like warm herbal tea and soup. You can also sip on beverages like masala chai, turmeric milk, hot coffee, and chukku malli herbal coffee to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.

These monsoon special drinks and beverages won’t only keep you hydrated but will also boost your immunity, keep you warm and defend your health.

Maintain utmost personal hygiene.

Rainwater brings along with it various impurities and contaminants. To minimize the risk of infections, it is recommended to take a shower immediately after getting wet in the rain for washing away any harmful bacteria that might have settled on your skin. Be sure to use effective yet gentle cleansers like Re:fresh Body wash or Re:fresh Bathing Bar. Keep yourself dry, especially between your toes and other areas prone to fungal infections.

Wash Clothes Properly.

Damp and wet clothes can harbour bacteria and fungi, leading to skin infections. Ensure thorough washing of your clothes and avoid wearing wet clothes for prolonged periods. Wash monsoon clothes properly with high-quality detergent like Re:fresh liquid detergent for eliminating stubborn dirt, bacteria and keeping the freshness of your clothes intact.

Embrace Immunity-Boosting Foods.

Monsoon is the season of diseases. Be sure to add immunity boosters to your diet. Incorporating healthy foods strengthens the body's natural defence mechanisms. A few of the must-have foods for staying fit during monsoon are ginger, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon, tulsi, fresh fruits, Protein-rich foods and salads. These ingredients have numerous benefits in strengthening your immune system and fighting off infections.

Street Food Caution:

We agree that street food can be tempting but it's best to avoid it during the monsoon season. The unhygienic conditions and contaminated water used in preparing street food can lead to potential health risks. Instead, satisfy your street food cravings by preparing them at home with proper hygiene and ingredients. Re:fresh masalas can bring the same irresistible street-style flavours to your home-cooked meals while ensuring health and taste.

Maintain Hand Hygiene.

Maintaining hand hygiene is crucial in preventing the spread of infections. Regularly wash your hands with Re:fresh Hand wash and water, and keep hand Re:fresh sanitizer easily accessible for added convenience.

Stay safe from mosquitoes and insects.

With the monsoon comes an increase in mosquito breeding, putting you at a higher risk of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria. Protect yourself from mosquito-borne diseases by using Re:fresh mosquito repellent sticks. Remove any stagnant water sources around your home to minimize mosquito breeding grounds.

Regularly Disinfect Surfaces.

Regularly disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your home to prevent dirt and the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses. Use suitable products like Re:fresh Disfectant to ensure a clean and sanitized environment.

Keep your home clean.

Mud and germs can easily find their way to your home easily during monsoon. Maintaining a clean and clutter-free living environment is vital during the monsoon season. Regularly sweep and mop the floors, keep moist areas like the bathroom and toilets clean, focus on the kitchen as the food we consume is prepared there and spray Air freshener to keep the environment serene. Don’t forget to use quality Re:fresh home care products for the best results. Opt for products with a pleasant fragrance to create a refreshing atmosphere indoors.

Don't Forget Your Rain Gears.

Monsoon season can last upto 4 months, no one can stay indoors for this long period. Before stepping out into the rainy world, equip yourself with appropriate rain gears. Invest in a good-quality raincoat, umbrella, rain boots, and rain goggles to protect yourself from getting drenched and safeguard your health. These essentials will shield you from rain-related ailments such as colds, flu, and waterborne infections.

Summing it up:

Monsoon offers an escape from the scorching summer heat but it also demands extra care and precautions to stay safe and disease-free. By following these tips, you can enjoy the beauty of the rain while safeguarding your health and well-being. SHOP Monsoon Essentials from Re:fresh and enjoy the magic of this season to the fullest.

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